Hearts & Crafts to make for Valentine’s Day!

Miriam Santos, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching, so pondering the perfect gift to get your loved one beforehand may be worrying. Rather than opting for the typical roses and chocolates, try out these cute DIYs and activities!


Sweet-heart Box

If you’re looking for a simple craft, a heart-shaped box of love could be right up your alley! Buy a plain heart box or craft it yourself with some cardboard and foam. Personalize this box by decorating it with adorable pictures, stickers, ribbons, or a painted design. Fill it with your gift receiver’s favorite snacks and sentimental notes. Opening this lovely gift will definitely leave your gift receiver with a warmhearted feeling!


Lovely Messenger

If you’re fond of love letters, try out a mini mailbox! Use a mailbox template online, print it out, and start assembling. Customize it by painting the outside with a Valentine’s Day theme or your gift receiver’s favorite colors. Decorate the box with delightful little designs like hearts, stars, or flowers. After you finish the exterior, write mini love letters and “send” them through your mailbox to share kind sentiments that can be cherished long after Valentine’s Day.


Baking Session

If quality time is your love language, then baking heart-shaped cookies is a tasty option! Delightful cookie flavor options such as the classic snickerdoodle, red velvet, or peanut butter cookies can sweeten your Valentine’s Day. Follow any recipe for your chosen cookie flavor. After creating the dough, roll the cookie dough balls into a heart shape, then press them down with a fork in a criss-cross pattern. To take it a step further, dip a side of the cookies into melted chocolate once they cool and add a dash of heart sprinkles! Bonding over creating sweet treats is a delightful memory to share with your loved one.



Flowers may not last forever, but this bouquet does! The supplies needed are tissue paper, wire, and green paper. Fold a sheet of tissue paper in half twice. After, accordion fold your tissue paper, with each section being about ¾ inch. Cut this long folded tissue in half, so that each segment becomes a flower. To make the stem, make a hook about two inches long, with the rest of the wire two inches longer than the tissue paper length. Tuck the tissue paper horizontally into the hook and twist the hook to secure the flower. Trim the ends of the tissue paper into round edges. Finally, fluff out the petals by spreading the tissue paper out like a fan and gently pulling each layer up. Make enough for a full bouquet, tie a pretty ribbon around the stems, and the bouquet is finished!


Expressing love may be difficult for some, but these handmade, creative crafts can serve as genuinely heartwarming and sentimental gifts. Make your Valentine’s Day more meaningful as you personalize these gifts with love!Mi