Celebrate Black Creativity With This Stellar Playlist


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Nathan Perera, Staff Writer

With February being Black History Month, it’s important to honor Black musicians and their contributions to innovating music, but the celebration of Black creativity should not end here. From the contagious rhythms of Afrobeats to the atmospheric sounds of experimental rock, here are six exceptional songs by Black artists! 


Summertime – FLO 

Genre: R&B Pop

“Summertime, it’s a vibe / Doin’ what we do

Livin’ life, mindin’ mine (Mindin’ mine)” 


While you eagerly await for the school year to end, soak in the warmth of “Summertime”, a feel-good R&B pop track by British girl group FLO. Sparkling with gorgeous harmonies and effervescent lyrics, the song is a callback to 2000’s R&B with its rhythmic instrumentals gleaming with warm nostalgia.  


Jealousy – FKA Twigs (feat. Rema)

Genre: Afrobeats/Dancehall  


“Jealousy you put on me

You’re in your feelings way too deep”


Critically-acclaimed artist FKA Twigs and breakout star Rema converge their musical genres in “Jealousy”, a groovy, infectious track perfect for dancing. Afrobeats artist Rema introduces the rhythmic West African genre to the track, while Twigs draws inspiration from the retro 90’s genre dance hall with Jamaican roots — together, “Jealousy” is a certified bop. 


Kerosene! – Yves Tumor 

Genre: Electronic Experimental Rock 


“And I’ll be your only boy, 

Oh, I can be your only girl, little baby

I can be anything you need

I need kerosene!


Raw, intimate, and irresistibly evocative, “Kerosene” is all rock-and-roll; as the song glitters with ethereal guitar instrumentals, the lyrical content grapples with the relatable yet toxic desperation to be loved. Yves Tumor’s experimental rock sound is dark and sublime, with “Kerosene” as a sensual standout in his discography.  


Mad –  Solange (feat. Lil Wayne) 

Genre: R&B/Soul (with rap)


I ran into this girl, she said, ‘Why you always blaming?’

Why you always gotta be so mad?”


“Mad” by R&B and Soul artist Solange featuring rapper Lil Wayne is a profound, candid song that details how the “angry Black woman” stereotype limits Black women from speaking out about social injustices. Alongside Wayne’s sharp rap performance, Solange delivers compelling vocals that elevate the song’s raw, immersive songwriting, and make “Mad” a captivating listening experience. 


Super Sad Generation – Arlo Parks

Genre: Indie bedroom pop


“When did we get so skinny?

Start doing ketamine on weekends

Getting wasted at the station

And trying to keep our friends from death”


Grammy-nominated artist Arlo Parks portrays an unfiltered glimpse of the teen experience in “Super Sad Generation”, a Gen-Z inspired bedroom pop track. Park’s vocals are soft and reposeful as she reflects on teen struggles with the song’s poignant lyrics discussing eating disorders, drug addiction and mental health issues. 


Body – Summer Walker 

Genre: R&B 


“Wouldn’t wanna leave you, no, oh, I

Wouldn’t wanna plead

But my heart, my mind and my body is sayin”


R&B supernova Summer Walker stuns in “Body”, a powerful song about aligning your heart, mind and body when pursuing a relationship. With dreamy, heartfelt vocals introducing the track,   Walker vulnerably reveals her struggles listening to her intuition in a toxic relationship. When the chorus drops an addictive beat and the lyrics become even more powerful, “Body” solidifies Walker as a force to be reckoned with. 

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