Behind the Pitch: baseball, softball start the season right


Gabriela Perez

Power Duo: Pitcher and catcher duo, Monique Rojas and Xiomara Martinez, during an at bat against Cosa Mesa High.

Mikaela Woo, Staff Writer

When students think of OA sports, they mostly think of volleyball, tennis, basketball, and soccer. But what about those fields in the back pocket of the campus that PE teachers always say not to run on during warm-up jogs: the baseball and softball fields. Admittedly, OA students don’t share the same interest in baseball and softball as they do with the other CIF sports. After all, WOW games and Senior Nights aren’t nearly as big or as covered compared to the volleyball or basketball team nights. Nonetheless, these teams deserve a chance in the spotlight.

Though most think baseball and softball could be used interchangeably, pitching styles, field sizes, and ball sizes make the two sports very different. Baseball is and has been on a stricter practice schedule than softball, as baseball has about six more players than softball. Additionally, baseball gets time in the weightroom and practices everyday from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm in preparation for the season.

“I really want to take us to try our best to win a CIF Championship,” senior baseball pitcher Viren Mehta said. “There are inevitably going to be ups and downs because it is a long season, but we’ve scheduled ourselves really tough this year in preparation.”

Softball practices consist of more skills training and mechanics drills, along with lots of game scenario practice. All of their hard work is paying off; softball started on a four game win streak and has won multiple mercy rule scoring games, beating Cabrillo High School and Santa Ana High with  final scores of 15-0 and 18-4.

“What I really want is for all of us girls to get better and work harder after each practice and each game,” junior softball co-capitan, Monique Rojas said. “Our ultimate goal is to win, but also to step it up for ourselves.”

Both teams have a positive outlook on this season because of how their pre-seasons are looking and will be sure to give it their all this spring. Although baseball’s start hasn’t mirrored the success of the softball team, they remain optimistic and intent on improving.

“I think we’re all pretty hyped about this season because we have a pretty good shot at being one of the better teams,” junior baseball pitcher Carter Senglaub said.

This year, both baseball and softball have schedules packed with home games, so next time you have the chance, be sure to come out and support our teams on the field!