Senior Feature: The Closing Letter

Zoharys Jaen, Staff Writer

With the class of 2023 graduating Oxford soon, The Gamut’s very own seniors reflect and look to the future as their final high school moments come to a close. 

Editor in Chief Laura Liu — How do you feel about graduating and ending high school?

“It’s a dichotomy between ‘thank god I’m finally out of here’ and ‘there’s some things I’m going to miss at this school’ — none of it being the school — but the people I’ve been seeing everyday, the organizations I’ve been in. It’s a little bit sad; senior year is full of lasts. There’s a lot of things that you get used to throughout high school. To let go of it is a little bit freeing because those things are a lot of work and time commitments, but it’s also bittersweet in the sense that you’re really nearing the end of a chapter.”

Managing Editor Christine Nguyen — How do you feel about your last year of Gamut?

It’s super bittersweet. I love you guys so much. This year I came in as a new position, I’ve never been an editor before. That extra responsibility enabled me to pour so much more love and effort into Gamut. It’s literally my everything. I just really love the Gamut and being able to help build that community is what makes it so special to me. I had a hand in making it this warm, welcoming family and I’m so proud of what we’ve done.”

Op-Ed Editor Janet Abrantes — What are some of your college expectations?

“I expect a lot more freedom to pursue what I want. Here at Oxford, I was constrained because we can’t just take elective courses and do everything [we want]. Now that I’m in college, I feel free to pursue things I want to study instead of purely academic courses. 

Art & Layout Editor Agnes Lee — Senior advice for getting through Oxford?

“The only things I regret were things I was hesitant or scared to do. Do things while you can. Even if you mess up at the end, it’ll be like, ‘oh I messed up, but at least I got to see if I was a good fit for it.’ Bump into everything because in the end, you’ll be fine.”

Oxford’s seniors have proudly made it this far. As the past six years of friendships and memories come to a bittersweet end, The Gamut wishes them the best as they begin the next chapter of their lives.