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Patriots end fall season with solid records

After a multitude of adrenaline-filled games, fall sports season has come to an end. Featuring girls golf, girls tennis, girls volleyball, and cross-country, this season was definitely very exhilarating.


Girls Golf:

After a 5 year hiatus, girls golf have swung their clubs back to Oxford. However, their overall record for the season was 5-11. Since it was everyone’s first year on the team, the athletes were focused on bonding and getting used to each other.

“I felt good about our team becoming a family. Since we are a really small team, we can bond faster and better,” freshman Dominique Pagaduan said. 

The athletes overcame many challenges but made sure to give their best at every moment.

“Even though we had a lot of hardships, we ate that,” Pagaduan said. 


Girls Tennis:

A true legend in Oxford’s sports section, girls tennis have crushed this season as usual. Bringing win after win, girls tennis ended the season with an overall record of 12-7. There were some issues that coaches had to resolve during the beginning of the season. 

“We had 4 seniors that made up our top 2 doubles team but left. So restructuring the doubles has been a challenge.” Coach Mr. Taylor said. 

However, after restructuring the teams, girls tennis has demolished their opponents by winning against Marina High School for the first time in years, and beating Cerritos High School at its own home game. 

“There will never be a more significant win than Cerritos where we won 10-8.” Mr. Taylor said.


Girls Volleyball:

Another highly anticipated sport, girls volleyball has spiked their wins to Oxford. Having an overall record of 22-8, girls volleyball truly doesn’t disappoint. Winning against Whitney High School in both the WOW and BOO Games, beating Corona High School at the Garden Grove Tournament, and winning against Artesia High School on Senior Night, there were many memorable moments.

“at a Garden Grove tournament, we played very smart and solidified our defense which allowed us to win in two sets with the score of 26-24. Our win against Artesia was also the one that secured our spot in 2nd place in league.” Co-captain Elyannah Sonzo, junior, said. 



Cross-country has been dashing through the meets this season. Having to compete in exhausting races, athletes challenged themselves and grew from the experience

“After a great season last year, I felt the pressure to improve and live up to others’ expectations.  However, this season, I really hoped to continue to find my passion and love for this sport and to have fun and treasure every opportunity to perform well!” Co-captain Trina So, sophomore, said. 

Cross-country has set up the path to run for success ever since their first invitational meet at Woodbridge where freshman Sophie Renta placed fourth. Cross-country has also brought Oxford to second place at the league meets. In the league meets Javier Luna (12) was undefeated, leading the boys varsity team for the season.

Overall, the Fall 23 season came and went with a bang.

About the Contributor
Millie Kwon, Staff Writer
Personally recruited, some may say, by Dr. Hind herself at Lexington Junior High School before her transfer to Oxford Academy in 8th grade, Millie Kwon is a new writer for the Gamut. As a freshman, Millie is looking forward to collaborating with people as she has heard that the Gamut is a really fun experience! (She would not be wrong; ask any of our staff) She believes her defining trait to be merely “clumsy,” and claims she is not particularly athletic, despite her participating in tennis, dance and Taekwondo. She admits that others may think she is hard and mean and closed off at the beginning before getting to know her. However, Millie assures us all that once you talk to her, she will become your bestie within two days! (What a claim!) She enjoys chilling and watching TV in her free time. Some of her favorites include her childhood TV show Poroyo and Legally Blonde, and she enjoys listening to RnB and calm music.