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Senior Features: Sound of Brass and Wind

(Collage by Zoharys Jaen)

As their annual winter concert approaches at the end of the month, band students prepare for another festive performance. Highlighting these brass and woodwind players, The Gamut comes to highlight the tunes of four band students who have lived through the musical experience for six years.

French Hornist Tiffany Oh – What is your favorite band memory?

“My favorite memory from band is the New York trip. We didn’t really perform that well compared to the other schools. The other schools were crazy. We sat down and took the L quietly. Other than the performing, I remember our curfew was 11:00 PM sometimes and we would just roam around the streets of Times Square with our groups. We would have a lot of fun and take a lot of pictures.”

Trumpeter Santiago Montiel – What is something people don’t realize about band?

“I spend a lot of time listening to the music. A big portion of the music I listen to is just stuff we play or music similar to the ones we are playing in class. People don’t realize how much some people care for their instruments. I have a really deep connection with my instrument. It’s almost like an extension of my voice.”

Flutist Yennie Lee – What is your favorite part about band shows?

“Hearing the music live. When you listen to a recording, you don’t fully experience it. Hearing the music surround you is pretty cool. Even if people make mistakes during practice, you still get to experience it in person and you can feel it.

Trombonist Minhquan Pham – How have you grown in your band years?

“Obviously you are going to improve practically overtime. I’ve seen my range grow a lot from when I first started. I have also built a lot of confidence when I play. I’m less timid when I’m playing my part and it’s especially important in Symphony [Orchestra] where there’s so few of you that you have to play your part out. I have developed an ear for hearing harmonies because I used to play second trombone. That really taught me to listen to the sound as a whole and how each individual part combines all together.”

Dedicating years to their trade, these seniors have worked hard putting their all into shows and cultivating a relationship with each other that is showcased in their performances. Heading into their last shows, these seniors are ready to give each song a final blow.

About the Contributor
Zoharys Jaen, Lifestyle Editor

Dedicated, hardworking, aggressively extroverted, and perhaps optimistic to a detriment, Zoharys Jaen is in her Senior year at Oxford and has been a member of Gamut staff since the 9th grade. First joining due to encouragement from her English teacher Ms. Galvan,  along with being interested in a chance for her work to be published and printed, she now serves as Gamuts Lifestyle editor. Though looking to constantly keep herself busy, she still finds free time to indulge in reading and watching romantic comedies which include the number 10 in their title, such as “10 Things I Hate About You” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Zoharys both plays and listens to music, her mastered instruments including both the piano to ukulele, and music taste ranging from Classical to K-pop. Her other assorted hobbies and interests include but are not limited to knitting, baking and reading poetry.