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Romance movies for every Valentine’s Day mood

(Photo collage by Zoharys Jaen)

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, the romantic holiday is not complete without getting comfy on the couch to watch a fulfilling classic film. Follow this list of recommended movies for when you are on either life’s comedic highs or ready to sob your heart out! 


Feel Good Movies


13 going on 30

This feel-good fairytale chronicles the journey from adolescence to womanhood as main character Jenna Rinks, played by Jennifer Garner is removed from her previous middle school social constructs through a birthday wish and is now transformed into a 30-year-old woman. This gives her the opportunity to experience the charm of the sparkling New York City through the a set of outwardly grown but internally naive 13 year old eyes. This fairytale is short lived as she learns that age comes with its own set of relational challenges and tribulations in which she learns to prepare for. 


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 

Female advice columnist or “How To” girl for the fastest growing women’s magazine in the U.S., Andie Anderson, played by Kate Hudson and advertising executive Ben Barry played by Matthew McConaughey are simultaneously trying to push the limits of their current positions. Andie is on the hunt for her guinea pig for her next show stopping “How To” piece on a guide to losing a man in 10 days. Coincidentally, Barry is on the search for a protege himself for a woman to fall in love with him with aid of his romantic prowess in 10 days. The two plans overlap, both backfiring hilariously, with a tinge pining and angst


Sob Stories


Me Before You

Running out of job options, a bubbly and quirky Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) boldly takes on a caregiver duty for bitter and cynical William Traynor (Sam Claflin), a wealthy young man who remained paralyzed from a motorbike accident two years prior. Little by little, Louisa’s charming excitement and love for life makes William realize there may be a reason to keep living. However, after a few weeks of happiness, a cloud of gray creeps near the individuals falling in love, resulting in a finale that will leave viewers heartbroken. 


5 Feet Apart 

Cystic fibrosis patient Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) leads a life of hospital visits, strict boundaries, and self control. All of which is put to the hardest test when she meets the persuasive and charming Will (Cole Sprouse), another cystic fibrosis patient. In their instantly flirtatious time together, they understand that the restrictions of their illnesses must dictate how close the two become as they need to maintain a safe distance from one another. As time goes on, and their attraction becomes more irresistible, so do the temptations of breaking their set boundaries. 


Delulu Season


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Jenny Han’s popular book trilogy turned movie series follows junior Lara Jean, played by Lana Condor, as she navigates through drama that arises during her final years of high school. Hopeless romantic and a die-hard bookworm, Lara Jean’s own love life is spiced up when her love letters are mailed out to the five boys she has crushed on, one of whom is her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Complete with a fake-dating trope, ex-best friends, and a steamy hockey winter retreat, To All the Boys is perfect for making viewers believe delusions can come true.


500 Days of Summer

Greeting card writer and hopeless romantic, Tom, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets his world turned upside down when he is ‘suddenly’ dumped by the love of his life, Summer, played by Zooey Deschanel. The film follows his reflection of their 500 days spent together trying to find where the relationship took a turn. In doing so, he discovers new passions of his and becomes a better man. 


Whether you’re feeling an all time low and ready for some laughter, or want some validation for all your delusional fantasies, romance movies are always the best companion! Take time this Valentine’s Day to pop some popcorn, grab a warm blanket, and binge all the classic favorites.

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Mikaela Woo
Mikaela Woo, Staff Writer
Mikaela Woo is a sophomore staff writer who, after a little push from her English teacher, decided to pursue her passion for writing, joining the Gamut back in 2022. She hopes to inform readers through her research and reporting, focusing on topics in A&E and Sports, which align with her deep love for softball, music, and pop culture. Possessing a bold, friendly, and dynamic personality, Mikaela is open to pretty much everyone and not shy about what she likes. She has mixed music tastes, ranging from pop girly-girl vibes to heartbreak country songs, and she often listens to artists such as Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams, Zach Bryan, and Cody Johnson. Beyond music, readers won't be able to catch her without her phone, Diet Coke, and makeup, notably her mascara. Mikaela also enjoys the vibrant and endearingly campy nostalgia of classic 2000s teen-girl movies and shows like Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, and Gilmore Girls. In the face of a challenge, she remains persistent and resilient, always being able to handle them just in time. Mikaela’s authenticity shines through, especially in her work, so make sure to tune in! It's Mikaela’s era this year, her version.
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