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February Edition: Ask The Gamut

The Gamut’s very own senior editors continue to address Oxford’s curiosities, concerns, and contemplations. 


Favorite music artist?

Thank you for giving me the chance to be super annoying! If I had to choose (why are you making this so hard for me oh my god) my favorite artist would be Tyler, The Creator. I really like how versatile his music is, since it makes it really hard to get sick of his discography. (Tyler please drop I’m begging you.) NEW MAGIC WAND and SMUCKERS are probably my favorite songs from him. I’d like to think I know them by heart.


Best wishes,

Rowan Lee

Art & Layout Editor


Would Lightning McQueen get car insurance or life insurance?

As a car dwelling in the United States of America, Lightning McQueen would be required to pay car insurance. In almost all U.S. states, it is mandated by law that purchased vehicles have car insurance. Lightning McQueen could get life insurance, but there are more pros that come with keeping the car insurance (a second insurance would be pointless). It’s cheaper, more effective, and just makes more sense living as a race car. 


Warm Regards, 

Zoharys Jaen

Lifestyle Editor


Why is the Gamut only published monthly? Why not weekly?

Although we would love to publish weekly, The Gamut undergoes a monthly process of brainstorming, outlining, illustrating, proofreading, and layouting before we send our finished product to the press to print. Each writer and illustrator has multiple drafts each issue that is critiqued and supervised by their respective section editor, meaning we need time to ensure the best quality writing for our audiences to read!



Michelle Choy

News Editor


How do I break my YouTube addiction? 

Many people struggle with addiction in some shape or form. The first step is to recognize you have a problem, which is something you already accomplished! Good job! The second step is to seek tangible actions to stifle your addiction. I recommend going outside or doing a set of pushups every time you feel the urge to scroll on YouTube. You need something to replace that void YouTube left you, so try something healthier for a change!


Yours Truly,

Eshmom Haque

Sports Editor


Is being an editor fun?

I wouldn’t call it fun, but there is value in reviewing other people’s writing. You begin to understand writing at a deeper level and notice things that should have been obvious. And the next time you talk to your writers face to face, you work together to transform whatever they wanted to voice inside their mind onto paper. Somehow, it ends up making me happy because I get to help my peers and understand them a little better. 


All the best,

Theoden Melgar

Digital Content Editor 


Which and how many AP classes should I take in high school?

If you’re not sure what you want to pursue after high school (which is perfectly fine!), don’t get caught up in the number of APs on your transcript. Really consider your responsibilities outside of school and what you can handle. Personally, I recommend taking AP Euro over World History in sophomore year as preparation for more APs in the future and APUSH instead of dual enrollment in junior year. As for science and math courses, it really depends on your extracurriculars, future plans, and interests.



Trisha Phan

Editor in Chief

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