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Senior Features: AIME expands students’ horizons

(Collage by Zoharys Jaen)

Opening into the 2024 new year and kicking off the second semester, AUHSD’s AIME program has reopened their applications for junior summer internships. The Gamut wants to emphasize seniors previously involved in AIME’s paid programs providing career experience and community involvement opportunities.

Kaylin Chan: CLAOC-Edwards Lifesciences—How did the internship fit future career goals?

“I was originally into medical innovation and medical ideation, which was one reason I was happy to be stationed with Edwards Lifesciences, a four to five hundred company that creates heart valves. I thought it was really cool because I got to experience one side of medical innovation, which was what I wanted to pursue in the future. It showed me there’s a lot of other options besides the engineering part that I could participate in since I really hate math. I learned about ideation and the business side which prompted me to switch [to business].”

Kaden Bui: Disneyland—What are some fun memories you made through the summer experience?

“When we first met, my group for Disney instantly clicked. I don’t know if it was me who started that because I asked so many questions, but we became really close over the internship. One of my favorite memories was when we all went to the beach and that was really fun. Still today we’re actually good friends. We have our own group chat and still hang out every once in a while.”

Thien-An Do: City of Anaheim—Why would you recommend this program to current juniors?

“It’s really good for exploring career opportunities and you also get a lot of money! I was interested in urban planning which is why I went with the City of Anaheim. There were some people in my department that used to work as urban planners, which was a really good thing to have. It builds good connections and is something to put on your resume as well. If you’re a teenager, it’s hard to find things to put on your resume, especially if you’re looking for a job. Experiences like this and volunteering a lot is a good way to explore your interests, passions, and just pad your resume.”

From connecting with mentors and fostering relationships with peers, to diving into passions and exploring career interests, these seniors enriched their summer through the AIME summer internship program. A wonderful opportunity to many Oxford juniors, the three individuals heavily encourage student involvement in these types of programs over the summer.

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About the Contributor
Zoharys Jaen
Zoharys Jaen, Lifestyle Editor

Dedicated, hardworking, aggressively extroverted, and perhaps optimistic to a detriment, Zoharys Jaen is in her Senior year at Oxford and has been a member of Gamut staff since the 9th grade. First joining due to encouragement from her English teacher Ms. Galvan,  along with being interested in a chance for her work to be published and printed, she now serves as Gamuts Lifestyle editor. Though looking to constantly keep herself busy, she still finds free time to indulge in reading and watching romantic comedies which include the number 10 in their title, such as “10 Things I Hate About You” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Zoharys both plays and listens to music, her mastered instruments including both the piano to ukulele, and music taste ranging from Classical to K-pop. Her other assorted hobbies and interests include but are not limited to knitting, baking and reading poetry.

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