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March Edition: Ask the Gamut

The Gamut’s very own senior editors respond to Oxford’s conjectures and complaints.

How do I get people to like me?

Be honest with yourself: why do you want people to like you? Is it out of a dependence for external validation? Just kidding. Spam your instagram notes with really niche music so you can make other people think you’re super cool. Stuff like Deftones or Destroy Lonely are sure to convince everyone you have the most underground music taste around. You can thank me later once you get a bunch of dm’s gushing over how cool you are.

You’re welcome,

Rowan Lee

Art & Layout Editor


As junior high students, we witness our upperclassmen do incredible things. Are there many opportunities that open up? 

There are definitely many opportunities for high school students! It’s not hard to find extracurriculars, but it does require some work; pay attention to what’s going on at school and what your peers are involved in. Students often publicize opportunities on Instagram and you can research more online. In junior high, volunteering at local organizations is a great way to start getting involved.


Trisha Phan

Editor in Chief


What is the meaning of life?

In a purely biological sense, the meaning of life is to ensure your survival; however, I think this definition leaves us with very little closure.  Some may view this answer as depressing, but I think it’s encouraging! We carve out our meaning through the various interests and hobbies we pursue. 

All the Best,

Eshmom Haque

Sports Editor 


How do I not fail high school?

Don’t be scared about failing. High school is a great time to discover your interests and hobbies, so be open to trying new things (or know when to quit when you’re not interested). Even if you fail sometimes, as long as you stay true to yourself, you’re bound to be successful.

Good luck,

Lavanya Shyamsundar

Managing Editor


What is the Gamut unicorn’s favorite food?

The Gamut unicorn actually mentioned it’s favorite food during GamSlam 2024 a few weeks ago. He said he liked cotton candy, but our mascot also enjoys Lucky Charms cereal, even without any milk. 

All the best, 

Theoden Melgar

Digital Content Editor


How do I get a driver’s license?

If you’re under 17 and a half, you first need to do driver’s ed and pass the permit test. You should start driver’s ed as soon as you’re 15, earn your permit at 15 and a half, and take lessons until you’re 16 so you can get that license and have a chance to be posted on @oabadparking! 

No problem,

Michelle Choy

News Editor


How do you stay motivated throughout heavy times of schoolwork? 

As a senior experiencing heavy bouts of senioritis everyday, this is something I tend to struggle with, especially during the second semester. Even so, I stay motivated through my extreme emotions. I pair anything from anger to excitement with playlists that fuel these emotions to help me to fully lock in and get any assignment done. If not, I tend to compete with myself, setting a timer to see how much faster I can finish my homework compared to the last time.

Much fun!

Zoharys Jaen

Lifestyle Editor

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