Senior Features: A New Chapter

Zoharys Jaen, Staff Writer

As the class of 2023 begin their final chapter at Oxford, we wanted to highlight their nostalgic moments, visions of the future, and advice for other students. As such, we are launching a new monthly series, Senior Features, as they take on their final year, beginning with our very own Gamut seniors!

Laura Liu – What do you hope to accomplish with Gamut this year?

“I hope Gamut [staffers] can learn to express themselves more,” Laura said. “I met the most talented people ever here and I hope it becomes a creative outlet for them. I [also] want people to learn how important Gamut is to us and how much effort is put into the entire process.

Gamut’s very own editor-in-chief and co-A&E editor, Laura strives to give it her all and make the Gamut a meaningful experience for her staff.

Christine Nguyen – As a senior, what are some hopes and expectations you wish to accomplish?

“I hope to be that big sister figure,” Christine said. “When I was younger I was really shy, but I joined some clubs to get involved. Some upperclassmen came up to me and made me feel welcomed and now that I’m a senior I want to be that big sister for the underclassmen in order to make them feel at home.”

This year’s copy and co-A&E editor, Christine appreciates previous upperclassmen and hopes to pay their kindness forward by creating a welcoming environment for the younger students.

Samantha Salubre – What do you want to do in the future?

“My dream job is being an English teacher at a highschool,” Samantha said. “A lot of the teachers at this school that I look up to are English teachers and I want to help other generations grow in the same way they helped me.”

Samantha, a Gamut artist of four years, aspires to take their drawing experience to the next level and create their own video game.

Anjali Suva – Do you have any advice for surviving Oxford unscathed?

“Stop worrying about how you’re going to be perceived,” Anjali said. “It’s going to hold you back a lot. […] Focus on your own growth. Your opinion should matter the most [during] high school. Be a narcissist but not a jerk.”

Anjali, a first-year Gamut writer, has learned to love herself and be confident in everything she does, improving her articulation and self-expression.

Though senior year is undoubtedly filled with a rollercoaster of emotions and uncertainties, our Gamut seniors are ready to face it head-on. As they look towards the future, be sure to check out upcoming articles featuring the journeys of our lovely class of 2023!