Oxford’s Fall Ball is a night to remember


Minhquan Pham

On the Dance Floor: Surrounded by flashing lights, students jumped along to party anthems that blasted the entire night.

Zoharys Jaen, Staff Writer

On Oct. 15, students lined up at R1 Venue for the 2022 Fall Ball. The “Head in the Clouds,” themed event featured an energetic atmosphere, chaotic group photoshoots, and upbeat tunes.


“The line was super long, but leading up to [Fall Ball], I was really having high hopes,” said junior Charlotte Emmerling Fink. “[The event] really lived up to my expectations.”


Walking in, the venue invited guests with light bulbs strung around the outside leading into the dance floor. The room was decorated with the aesthetic pastel colors the theme promised, highlighting ASB’s commitment to delivering their best despite the thunder and rain that brought partygoers indoors for the first hour of the dance. 


“I think we did a really great job adapting,” said ASB activities commissioner Helen Tran. “We didn’t foresee the rain and stuff […] but I think we did a good job regardless.”


Students competed against one another in air hockey, foosball, and ping pong stations while others lounged, playing board games. Refreshments including Oreos, orange chicken, and milk tea were supplied throughout the night, with students lining up for a quick break to refresh themselves for the next song.


Though most students were satisfied with the evening, many agreed that the DJ needed some improvement as he frequently cut songs abruptly. Students also critiqued his varied music choice, pointing out how many tracks didn’t fit the dance’s theme. 


“I want the music to be turned down,” said sophomore Eryn Riley. “He needs to stop ending the song way too early, like just let the song finish. Don’t interrupt it with a new song. Nobody wants that.”


Nevertheless, the evening satisfied many students looking for an exciting break from academics and ended on a high note with students dancing in the pouring rain.


“My expectations were high and they crushed it. There’s so much fun here, the people here are amazing, and the food and the games and the songs are amazing,” said freshman Samantha Schram. “It sets the bar really high for all the other dances honestly.”