A Step Further: Girls Tennis


Tiffany Oh

Wild Card: In their first CIF game, the girls return home with a successful 10-8 dub, coming out victorious after successive ties.

Zoharys Jaen, Staff Writer

Keeping up their streak from last year, girls tennis ended the season with 13 wins, holding on to their 3rd place position in the 605 league. Though the girls won two CIF playoff games against Glendora High School and Marymount, the team strives to push higher, despite the limited resources available.

Confident they would beat Cerritos and Whitney this year after preparation based on games in previous years, especially against Whitney High School, the team at first struggled, losing both of their games Whitney this year. With Cerritos and Whitney’s top players being freshmen, it became difficult for the team to prepare against strong, new players they’ve never faced before. 

“How do you prepare for that?” Taylor said. “One and two in the league are freshmen. Whitney’s top three players are freshmen, so we thought we got them this year and then, bam, where did these girls come from?”

Though the team’s ultimate goal was to dethrone Whitney’s fourth year as defending league champs since 2019, they were able to pull through and beat Cerritos 10-8 at an intense home game on Oct. 4th. Taking a step further from last year, the girls also made it to the second round of CIF playoffs, taking the win against Marymount in a rematch after being tied 71-71.

“[It was] the greatest accomplishment of my entire tennis career,” said senior co-captain Angelina Zhang.

However, Oxford tennis lacks the proper lessons, programs, and even coaching, not having proper coaches in years past, that stronger schools like Whitney and Cerritos have to support the girls.

“I really like the girls a lot, they’re very independent and just nice kids,” Taylor said. “But I don’t have the tennis jobs that they need to get into those first and second standings.”

After returning from distance learning, Taylor stepped up and took the job to coach for the girl’s tennis team. Not having any prior experience of his own, he learned exercises and drills from his own girls as they prepared for season. However, he pushes them forward and gives advice where he can.

“[We should work on] keeping energy up,” said junior varsity co-captain Tiffany Oh. “We’re always goofing off so I think we have to hone in our focus and keep our eyes on the target. And total annihilation.

Though tennis was successful, chaotic, and eventful as one of the opening sports of the year, filled with Korean BBQ and crying opponents, they truly did enjoy their season. With the conclusion of their season, they hope to continue improving and move up in the standings next season.

“I’m hoping for some really good freshmen, but also [more] practice off-season so that we’ll be better and stronger for next year,” said Oh.