Making Macarons for a Mission To Do Good!


@macaronmission on Instagram

Macaron Mission founder Calista Ly (11) hands out cute, franchise-inspired macarons and other goodies for a good cause at an OAIM bake sale.

Sydnee Cho, Staff Artist

Boasting ten thousand followers and counting, @macaronmission on Instagram is a bakery page run by junior Calista Ly full of eye candy (literally) and sweet treats galore. With proceeds donated towards charitable foundations and Oxford Academy’s Instrumental Music (OAIM) program, there is no doubt of this small business’s presence here on campus. 


“My older brother made macarons and I remember seeing him baking them. He told me how hard they were to make, [so] as his younger sister I wanted to prove him wrong and make them [myself]. I ended up falling in love with macarons and they were such a fun thing to make,” said Ly.


As she saw her brother’s charitable contributions to various organizations like Open Heart Project and Operation Smile during his mission trips, junior Calista Ly transformed her passion of baking into a full-blown operation. Although Calista is responsible for the sweet stars of the show, other contributions behind the scenes are definitely worth a mention. With help from her friends including juniors Ashley Chen, Alyssa Pama, Ambar Thanki, and seniors Danielle Chin and Anna Lee, Macaron Mission soon grew from a humble kitchen to a small legion of passionate people who wanted to help the community through mouth-watering treats that taste as good as they look! 


“Going into Oxford, orchestra was one of the biggest communities for me where I met some of my closest friends. I wanted to help and try my best to improve or give any kind of resources for what made such a big impact towards my junior high and high school years,” said Ly.


Be sure to try Macaron Mission’s treats during the band concert bake sale on December 10 — and although not confirmed — future pop-ups are in the making, so be sure to look out for more ways to get your hands on these too-cute-to-eat creations. They also have future plans to continue bake sales for the Instrumental program, but don’t fret if you’ve missed out on all of their fast-selling bake sales to date, because Macaron Mission also sells outside of bake-sale events on weekends. Simply direct message their Instagram account and you will receive a google form to order. Delivery is also available!


From berry cupcakes to their namesake macarons, Macaron Mission is a dive into a baking world straight out of a Pinterest board. With half of the profits going to cleft lip foundations and half to OAIM, enjoy your baked goods knowing you’re supporting a good impact on the community. Macaron Mission is more than just a pretty page — be sure to keep an eye out for their future events and bake sales!