OCMA’s Exhibits Enchant


Janet Abrantes

The Orange County Museum of Art opened in the Segerstrom Center for the Arts campus in Costa Mesa on Oct. 8.

Janet Abrantes, Op-Ed Editor

On Oct. 8, the Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) reopened its doors after 35 years, relocating to its new home in the Segerstrom Center for the Arts campus in Costa Mesa, 20 miles away from Oxford Academy. With a free afternoon and an inclination for the arts, this museum is the perfect destination for the Oxford student on a budget. The following exhibitions are currently on display.


Sanford Biggers: Of many waters…

Oct. 8, 2022 – Aug. 13, 2023

Designed by LA native Sanford Biggers, this is the first artwork visitors will notice on OCMA’s terrace as they approach the museum. A multimedia outdoor sculpture features a complex array of cultural references from the way it  reclines — reflecting the European artistic archetype enjoying its leisure — to its geometric properties, reflecting the sacredness of Buddhist patterns. 


California Biennial 2022: Pacific Gold

Oct. 8, 2022 – Feb. 26, 2023

First introduced to the museum in 1984, the Biennial offers a curated selection of work from up-and-coming artists identified by curator Elizabeth Armstrong. This exhibit comprises the work of 19 different artists from across California, all with  a unique take on the state’s place in American culture. Stare in awe at the electrifying blues of Sharon Ellis’ “Night Storm” depicting California’s desert nights or admire the work of Californian farmers through Narsiso Martinez’s “Pacific Gold.”


Fred Eversley: Reflecting Back (the World)

Oct. 8, 2022 – Jan. 15, 2023

Created by former NASA consulting engineer Fred Eversley, this art exhibit reflects scientific knowledge about black holes. Waltz around this optical adventure to observe the different properties and colors of various lenses meant to mimic the wonders of space. This exhibit is also an excellent place to take photos of your own warped image standing behind life-size lenses.


Peter Walker: Minimalist Landscape

Oct. 8, 2022 – Jan. 15, 2023

From the co-designer of the National 9/11 Memorial, this outdoor exhibit pays homage to the history of landscape design at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts by highlighting two iconic projects: the entry court for the  Plaza Tower and the sloping entrance to the Performing Arts Center. Visitors can walk through these minimalistic landscapes with circular gardens and repeating wavy hedges. 


13 Women

Oct. 8, 2022 – Aug. 20, 2023

This exhibit pays respect to the thirteen women who founded the Balboa Pavilion Gallery, which is the earliest iteration of OCMA. A celebration of the museum’s history, the exhibition features artwork beginning from the 1960s by artists who greatly influenced OCMA. Envision yourself standing beside the women in Joan Brown’s The Journey #5 admiring ancient Egyptian art or walking on the moon’s surface through Vija Clemin’s Untitled (Moon Surface Luna 9, #2)


The next ten years of admission to this museum will be free with no reservations required, so stop by whenever possible. Support Orange County’s vibrant art scene!