Fun Fall Festivities for Friendsgiving!

Miriam Santos, Staff Writer

As crisp breezes swirl into season and pumpkin-spiced desserts stock the aisles, take advantage of Thanksgiving break to relax in the midst of the school year. But if you find yourself missing your friends, consider celebrating Friendsgiving! Besides saving gratitude for the dinner table with relatives, share some love with friends. If you’re out of ideas for Friendsgiving, here are a few suggestions on how to celebrate!


Picnic Potluck

If you’re a foodie, hosting a potluck with cultural foods is an excellent way to have fun tasting a diverse menu. Make your Thanksgiving special by encouraging your friends to bring tasty ethnic dishes instead of regular party food.


Cookie Decorating

Whip up an easy sugar cookie recipe or experiment with some sweet recipes tried and tested by the Gamut to decorate with your friends. If baking isn’t your thing, buy pre-made cookies and decorate them to create edible artistic masterpieces!


At-home Movie Night

Organizing a movie night is another great option for people less interested in food. For a classic movie night, all you need is a mini-projector and a blank wall or white blanket! Passing out popcorn and goodie bags filled with candy and cute stickers serves as a delightful gift for this activity.


During the Thanksgiving season, there’s no shortage of gratitude. Be sure to share some with your friends through Friendsgiving!