Cultural Desserts To Sweeten Your Holidays


Wikimedia Creative Commons

A Delicious Delight: This Yule Log cake is perfect for Christmas, one of many cultural desserts enjoyed during the holiday season!

Nathan Perera, Staff Writer

With the holidays just around the corner, expand your taste buds with some of the most scrumptious desserts from around the world. Whether you’re a chocolate fanatic or a jelly enthusiast, these recipes are perfect for your winter cravings! 


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Champurrado Hot Chocolate 


Hot chocolate is a seasonal staple — take it to the next level with champurrado, a warm Mexican chocolate beverage! Traditionally eaten on Christmas and accompanied with tamales, champurrado combines essential flavors of Mexican chocolate, cinnamon, and piloncillo (a form of sugar cane). Although its sweet taste is reminiscent of hot chocolate, the cinnamon flavor is a pleasant surprise to first time enjoyers of this delicious drink. With this quick and simple recipe, you can enjoy cold winter nights with a cozy glass of champurrado. 


Buche De Noel (Yule Log) Cake 


This elaborate chocolate cake originating from France is the perfect grand dessert for holiday parties! Buche De Noel, known as the Yule Log cake, is exactly what its name suggests; crafted to resemble yule logs families would burn on Christmas Eve, Buche De Noel is a swiss roll cake filled with chocolate creme and frosted with chocolate ganache. The sponge-like texture of the cake complements the creaminess of the inner layers, making it a scrumptious treat to indulge in following a festive feast. One Yule Log cake can serve up to 14 people, making it a worthwhile recipe to try! 


Sufganiyot Jelly Donuts 


A heavenly fusion of jelly donuts and beignet, this Sufganiyot treat will leave you wanting more with its sweet jam within a deep-fried doughnut! Topped with powdered sugar, Sufganiyot doughnuts are a unique take on a typical doughnut and provide a chance to learn about other winter traditions that you may not be familiar with. Eaten in Jewish tradition across the world, Sufganiyot symbolizes the miracle of oil burning for eight days in the Hanukkah story.  Whether it’s for a party or purely for self-enjoyment, these treats are simple to make, yet provide a delightful eating experience. 


Brighten up this winter season with a taste of sweets from around the globe. Elevate your holiday experience by trying out these cultural recipes and introduce yourself to wonderful treats cherished across the world!