Realistic self-care to start the new year strong


Sydnee Cho

New Year, New You: New year’s resolutions usually burn out quickly. Here’s some more realistic self-care goals to bring in a successful new year!

Sydnee Cho, Staff Artist

Too often, people make ambitious New Year’s resolutions before burning out hopelessly and giving up on their goals in the next week or so. For some low-key, manageable alternatives to New Year’s resolutions, look no further than this self-care bucket list!


Get some movement going

It seems everyone’s number one New Year’s resolution is to start working out, but a full, extensive routine can seem daunting for many. To simplify things, start off with small steps and take breaks when working to stretch or pace around the room. If possible, go for a walk! Vitamin D and fresh air can always help, and the crisp winter air will make a brief stroll refreshing. Don’t forget your hydration as well! 


Hydrate yourself!

Let’s be real. You probably don’t drink as much water as you should. To motivate yourself, consider getting a cute mug, metal flask, or a water infuser! Never lose a bottle again with its eye-catching design. If you aren’t too keen on drinking water at all, include some flavorful additions to your essential H2O like raspberries, strawberries, mint leaves, or cucumber. 


Invest in some skincare

No matter what your stance on skincare is, there are endless pampering options available to reveal your glowing skin. Think sheet masks packed full of beneficial ingredients, soothing eye gels for Oxford Academy-induced dark circles, or a needed layer of moisturizer slathered all over your body. Skincare doesn’t have to be a commitment — it’s care for a reason, so it’s supposed to be fun!


It’s always admirable to start working towards self-improvement. Step by step, reign in a positive, self-improvement centered year with just a few of these actions. While you may not be a “positive affirmations” type of person, any progress towards self improvement is still progress! New year, new you!