Summer activities to feel like the main character

Lavanya Shyamsundar, Staff Writer

Summer is closer than it seems, so it’s time to romanticize life by channeling that inner summer movie protagonist. Complete with adventurous outings and ways to build confidence, here’s a list of five summer activities to help you become the main character! 


Get outside (of your comfort zone)

While staying cooped up inside may be tempting, be daring and bold this break. Make use of the summer sunshine to pick up a new sport; volleyball, soccer, basketball, and swimming are great low-cost options. For a more laid-back approach, venture through hiking trails in Orange County and organize picnics by scenic vistas. In lieu of a main character, become more independent — if you’re 15 or older, start driver’s ed courses and prepare to get your license, allowing for some more protagonist ventures in the future!


Get a head start on your glow up

Life at Oxford can definitely be draining, so take this time to rejuvenate and gain confidence! Start your glow-up by practicing healthy habits: eat nutritious meals three times a day and hydrate in the California heat! Have a relaxing spa day and refresh with new skincare. Summer is also the best time to experiment with your hair before school begins— try out layers, dye it bold colors, or experiment with cute and creative hairstyles.


Plan a beach day with friends

Nothing says summer like the beach! Plan a beach party with your friends and have activities like collecting seashells, burying someone in the sand, and having a bonfire. Consider visiting quaint coast side stores, or rollerblading down the shore under the summer sun. For a more mellow trip, bring some books and sunbathe while soaking up new reads — the sound of chatter and waves crashing on the shore is the perfect soothing ambiance.


Make cool treats to beat the heat

The sweltering summer heat is the perfect time to indulge in cold treats. Be the main character by making your own cool sweets! Chilled parfaits, no-bake icebox cakes, and ice cream from scratch are challenging but fun recipes to concoct at home. For a low-effort treat, make the quintessential popsicle by blending together juice and refreshing ingredients like tropical fruits, coconut milk, or fruit syrups to add extra flavor. 


Make a vlog

Memorialize your main character experience by starting a summer video diary. Romanticize your life — you don’t need to have an adventure a day, but vlogging makes even the most mundane things memorable. If you want to feel like you’re living in a movie, add silly edits, soundtracks, or film with a camcorder for vintage-style footage. If vlogging isn’t your cup of tea, consider compiling memories in a scrapbook. Take a picture a day, add unique mementos, and journal about what you did. Even if you might not think your life is exciting, your future self will love looking back on this version of you!

This summer, don’t procrastinate on being your best self! Instead of wishing for a summer break experience like the leads in fun teen flicks, follow these simple steps and be the main character of your own life.