This May, traverse Artesia through an AAPI food crawl



Sydnee Cho and Haley Nguyen

May is AAPI heritage month, and Southern California is brimming with Asian American-owned businesses to support in celebration! A food crawl is the perfect low-maintenance day trip, where all you’ll need is a few of the tastiest spots in a walkable area and an appetite to sample one item from each place — preferably with friends to split the food (and bill). Packed with vibrant restaurants of Indian, Chinese, and Taiwanese cuisines, Little India and Pioneer Street in Artesia is a great place to start! 


Saffron Spot 

Where else within a 20 minute drive can you find an ice creamery with South Asian flavors besides Saffron Spot? Nestled in a crowded plaza, make sure your parking skills are on par to check this place out. Their signature “Saffron Silk” ice cream is pleasantly earthy and floral, infused with infamously expensive saffron and notes of pistachio and rose. If you’re feeling parched, order a refreshing glass of sugarcane juice, freshly pressed right in front of you! Perfect on a sweltering summer day, this unique ice cream shop has something for everyone.


99 Ranch 

A surprising choice for a food crawl as a seemingly straightforward supermarket, but don’t be fooled by the facade. 99 Ranch’s latest remodel has made room for a food court with offerings of spicy hand-pulled Chinese noodles, assorted Chinese BBQ items, and more. Split a bowl of char siu rice with a friend and peruse the supermarket aisles for snacks afterwards!


Chennai Dosa Corner 

Indian cuisine doesn’t always have to be meatless; Chennai Dosa’s vast menu suits both vegetarian and carnivorous palates. Rich, curried chicken tikka masala can be enjoyed alone or alongside a savory garlic naan, which is directly translated as bread. Though on the expensive side, the price tag is offset by the generous portions that are more than enough to share with a group.


Ambala Sweets and Snacks 

After hitting Chennai Dosa Corner for a tasty lunch, head a few doors down to Ambala Sweets and Snacks for North Indian dessert! Their specialty lies in their glass display case that shows off tons of fresh, housemade sweets, including a melt-in-your mouth cardamom milk cake called kalakand or a sugary condensed milk pistachio fudge also known as pista burfi. This cozy dessert shop has plenty of seating, so you and your friends can sit and savor the treats before embarking further on your food journey.


Though you can follow this fully-planned food crawl itinerary, the diversity of this Asian enclave has enough variety for you to explore even more enticing cultural cuisines. This AAPI month, support local Asian businesses and enjoy your personally curated sample platter while you’re at it!