Oxford celebrates future college athletes Almaza Manzano and Benjamin Wong

Theoden Melgar, Sports Editor

Oxford Academy celebrated Alma Manzano and Benjamin Wong just before the the 2023 school year and athletic season concluded. On May 17, teammates and fellow students honored them at their athletic signing ceremony in the gymnasium.

Oxford hasn’t had the opportunity to send future college athletes often, this being the first signing ceremony after the pandemic. Manzano will be staying local and will play soccer for the University of LaVerne . On the other hand, Wong will be moving out-of-state toward the east, continuing swimming at The Air Force Academy.

Now elite college-level athletes, Manzano and Wong will be taking special steps alongside the rest of their senior class. Valued on the field and in the swimming pool, as both athletes and friends, they had a special send off toward their college career. Closing out their time as high school athletes, they’ll have plenty to experience moving forward.

For instance, the Air Force Academy will be requiring Wong to go bald.

“Honestly, I think the thing I am looking forward to most is going bald and swimming with my bald brethren,” Wong said. “Y’know, we’re gonna have a little bonding experience.”