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Freshmen Chen, Noble bond in varsity basketball

Tyler Nguyen
Breaking the Basket: Freshman Chloe Chen during varsity practice, prepping hard for the season. (Photo by Tyler Nguyen)

With the season starting in full swing, girls varsity basketball is ready to dominate the tournament with their two youngest faces: freshmen Chloe Chen and Emma Noble. As a friendship that blossomed when they first met during recreational basketball, the two girls are pursuing their passion for the game together.

The start of their fateful journey began in 4th grade, when the girls became friends on Noble’s first day of practice at the South East Youth Organization (SEYO) for basketball. Although both were inspired by their brothers to play the sport, they soon discovered a calling to the court. After spending so much time with each other for middle school intramurals and tournaments outside of school, the girls have got each others’ backs.

“Emma and I support each other by just being around each other a lot,” Chen said. “Being friends for so long it’s easy to tell her anything and for her to help me and vice versa. If one of us is confused about a play, the other will help explain it.”

As freshmen in varsity, Noble and Chen were initially afraid they would be outcasts amidst returning players. However, they found a welcoming community which they easily bonded with, spending time together watching JV games, having fun at Knotts Berry Farm, and going to an escape room over the summer.

“Even without the bonding events, we would be so close. I would thank Jaelyn and Jordan for this. Jaelyn, one of the team captains, wanted for us to really bond this year, and the other varsity girls also welcomed us with open arms,” Noble said. “I love our team chemistry and we just have so many matching personalities which clicked so well.”

Even when getting yelled at during practice or doing poorly in a game, the girls always get back up from hardships to push even harder. Giving encouraging words during losses or on runs, the team sticks together, making sure to celebrate individual baskets and collective wins.

“What keeps me motivated is that when I score or get knocked down, I get angry and play with fire in me,” Noble said.

Noble and Chen are prepared to give their all into winning games in tournaments and eventually hope to reach CIFs. With an eventful high school career ahead of them, they look forward to creating and cherishing new memories while on the team.

“There’s so many things going on during such a fast-paced game and I overcome it with support from my coaches and teammates who will help me,” Chen said. “Considering I’m still a freshman, there is a lot more I still need to learn from older players.”

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