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OA Esports is back in the game

Esports has returned to Oxford for the 2023-2024 school year — this time, as a CIF-certified team. The revival of the once-dormant club was initiated and led by freshman Benson Tran, under the advisory of Oxford’s ASB Technician Xavier Barnett.

Tran stepped up to reignite the club after noticing its loss in student interest and activity after the pandemic. 

“I heard the president’s spot was opening this year, so I didn’t hesitate to sign up, because I am very passionate about Esports and want to see the club thrive,” said Tran.

Barnett, who shared Tran’s passion towards gaming, took the opportunity with open arms to advise the club and guide him through the procedure necessary to revive it.

“Mrs. Houston came into my office…[and asked] if I was interested. I’ve been gaming since I was five, so it was an easy yes for me,” said Barnett.

Due to its previous inactivity, the revival was a complicated process, as Tran, Barnett, and other Esports board members found themselves back at square one of the club creation process.

In preparation for club rush, Barnett devised the team met to prepare for months before formally presenting the club to general Oxford students. At the hand of their efforts, the club amassed over 160 student sign-ups during the first semester’s club rush. 

Esports is increasingly becoming recognized as a sport for the precision, speed, and skill required to compete. Universities like UCI offer players thousands in athletic scholarships; the transition is already seen taking place as Oxford Academy will be joining numerous high schools to compete in the CIFs with games like Smash Bros and Rocket League. Though Esports deviates from traditional sports seen in play, the increase in recognition for it provides space for individuals to explore different branches of hobbies and interests. 

To prepare for the CIF tournament, OA Esports is actively organizing and training teams in games like Smash Bros as Varsity members compete online. Freshman Mason Nguyen, OA Esports’ historian, adds that they are working to incorporate the widest variety of games possible into practice sessions, including plans to purchase a Minecraft server. 

Even as the team practices hard for competitions, however, OA Esports is also planning a variety of other activities throughout the school year for members’ enjoyment.

Tran reveals the club’s plans to host student game nights, open after-school gaming sign-ups, and campus-wide Esports tournaments in the future to encourage members to stay active in OA Esports even after the CIF games come to an end. He adds the board’s hopes to include junior high students, who are prohibited from participating in the CIFs, in club activities.

With its initial success in attracting members, Esports holds high aspirations as they strive to keep the club active across the OA student body throughout the year. 

“I hope that we’re able to win, but I also hope that we’ll be able to lift this club off the ground. A more active Esports could convince other grades to join in,” said Nguyen.

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