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Visit SoCal Winter Wonderlands for Snowy Fun

Nothing says winter like frosty snowflakes falling from the sky. Although snowfall may be hard to come by near Oxford Academy, dreams of a White Christmas can become real! Southern California has plenty of opportunities to experience the magic of snowy winters, all within a three-hour drive. 

Big Bear

A staple winter getaway, Big Bear has something for everyone. Bobsled down the mountain on The adrenaline-filled Alpine Rush slide ride has an adjustable braking system on each slide for riders to choose how intense they want their bobsled experience to be. For nature lovers, hike around the mountain in snowshoes, enjoying a quiet winter amidst Jeffrey and Ponderosa pine trees with different routes of varying difficulty. For a thrilling excursion, zip through Big Bear in the zipline tour, comprised of nine high-speed ziplines reaching speeds up to 35 mph. 


A wonder-filled snowy village tucked away in San Diego County, Julian is perfect for a relaxing day trip. Hike around the snow-touched Lake Cuyamaca for four miles or experience a call to the wild by visiting the California Wolf Center, a wolf sanctuary complete with tours to learn about the canines. Explore the gold-rush town’s vibrant history by taking a tour of its gold mines or visiting local history museums. And don’t forget to warm up at the end of the day by tasting specialty apple pies at Julian Pie Company. To get the best of snow days in Julian, be sure to plan according to weather as snowfall doesn’t last very long in the San Diego mountains. 

Lake Arrowhead

Enjoy a day at Lake Arrowhead with Skypark Santa’s Village, the world’s first-ever franchised amusement park. For athletic individuals, engage in ice-skating, snowshoeing, indoor rock climbing, archery, and other thrilling activities. For more laid-back fun, attend crafting sessions, decorate gingerbread cookies, or have afternoon tea with Mrs. Claus in the park’s private tearoom on weekends. Take the Northwoods Express Train Ride to get a scenic look of the lake, and embark on hikes around the glistening water to get away from the hustle and bustle of the park. For those who embrace the cheerfulness of the holiday season, Lake Arrowhead is the perfect location to be surrounded by a joyful ambiance.


Dabble in skiing and snowboarding in Wrightwood’s Mountain High resort, or for less intensive (and cheaper!) fun, bring your own toboggan or tube sled to slide down one of the many snow slopes on the outskirts of Wrightwood. Hike the Big Horn Mine trail, complete with breathtaking views of the mountains as well as a mystical abandoned mine site. To get a taste of local life, visit the Wrightwood farmer’s market filled with antiques and creations from local artists, held every Friday from 4-7 p.m.

Mount Baldy

About a half-hour drive north, Mount Baldy is the perfect getaway for outdoor enthusiasts. Its slopes are perfect for skiing and snowboarding experts, and beginners can get lessons. Mount Baldy is the highest peak in Los Angeles County, so it is very dangerous to climb during the winter. However, you can still enjoy the sights of the summit on a 20-minute scenic and intense ski lift ride up the mountain. With breathtaking views of both the desert on the left and the ocean on the right at the top of the summit, traveling up Mount Baldy’s steep inclines truly creates the feeling that one is at the top of the world!

This winter, step out of perpetually sunny Orange County weather and explore new snowy worlds. Whether you’re willing to take a day trip or want to spend a weekend immersed in the wintery wonderland, experience the magic of wintry wonderlands a few hours from your own backyard.

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Lavanya Shyamsundar, Managing Editor
Lavanya Shyamsundar will be serving the Gamut this year as Managing Editor. As a senior, she’s looking forward to completing college applications and most importantly enjoying her last year in high school. Lavanya first joined the Gamut out of her own interest for journalism and love for the newspaper, wanting to find a place where she could write. And in her fourth and final year in the Gamut, she’s excited about all of the new content that the Gamut will produce this year, as well as supporting and improving the Gamut community as a role model. Outside of senior expectations and Gamut responsibilities, Lavanya is a pasta-loving, Indian classical-music-enjoying singer who enjoys thought-provoking topics that make you think about life. She loves food (as long as it’s vegetarian), and loves the colors purple and pink, self-titling herself as “the embodiment of pink.” She enjoys listening to bands like Lamp, Radiohead, and Cocteau Twins. And if you’re ever talking to her, she might hit you with one of her very specific would-you-rather questions to spice up the conversation. As she takes the next step in life, her one piece of advice to underclassmen as a senior is to push yourself to try new things, even if it’s hard.
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