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Four platonic ways to show appreciation in the season of love

Gia Nguyen

Most associate February with the season of romance, a time to shower significant others with utmost appreciation and love. However, a largely forgotten aspect of Valentine’s Day is thanking those who make our lives better. Love doesn’t have to be all about romance, so as the chillingly cold January passes, here are some ways to warmly wish your friends and family a happy Valentine’s Day.


1. Thoughtful Compliments

One easy way to show loved ones the Valentine’s Day spirit is to give compliments during February. Many underestimate the value of kind words, but the smallest praise can make your friends or family members’ days. Take a moment to think about what makes your loved ones special and make an effort to let them know that you appreciate the uniqueness. To start off, try complimenting their schoolwork, new hairstyle, or fresh sneakers from Christmas. Acts of kindness work similarly, so if you’re looking for some modest gestures for Valentine’s Day, these should do the trick.


2. Appreciation Notes

A tried-and-true classic of Valentine’s Day is the handwritten letter. Letters are given to say “Merry Christmas,” “Happy New Year,” and “Happy Birthday,” so a “Happy Valentine’s Day” is no different. Letters are quick and easy to make, only needing a love-themed card, some decorations, and a thoughtful message in mind. It easily uplifts your friends and family’s mood, as handwritten notes carry an unmatched, grateful attitude and can serve as meaningful keepsakes. If you don’t have much time on hand, an easy text message can suffice. Just remember to keep the loving spirit in mind!


3. Themed Care Basket

Although a more involved approach to Valentine’s gestures, making a care basket can be a rewarding method of appreciation. Shop for a few small but thoughtful items, such as stationary or snacks. Also, consider giving more personalized gifts like printed photos of pleasant times and childhood memories. Try your hand at arts and crafts by finding red, pink, and purple construction paper and decorating your basket with cut-out hearts. And, to top it off, why not include one of your handwritten notes with the package?


4. Valentine’s Movie Night

No February schedule is complete without a Valentine’s-centric hangout with your buddies. There are plenty of rom-com movies and shows to go around, so select a few and invite some pals over for a movie night! Include plenty of relevant decorations and bring Valentine’s Day staples, like heart chocolates and strawberries. Brush up on your culinary skills by making sweets like a panna cotta and red velvet cookies, or if you need a more savory dish, give the Gamut’s own chickpea-stuffed mushrooms recipe a shot. With a themed meetup, you can make lasting memories and meet friends you wouldn’t have known otherwise.


There are so many ways to (platonically) say “I love you,” and these are only a few examples. Let this Valentine’s Day serve as a reminder to show appreciation for others in your own way during and after the season of love.

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Tyler Nguyen
Tyler Nguyen, Staff Writer
Active zucchini bread hater and morning showerer, Tyler Nguyen is a sophomore writer on staff, excited to write and tackle journalism competitions. Despite his self-diagnosed declaration of being “obnoxiously loud,” Tyler is an understanding, open-minded, and overall chill guy with a lottery-winning smile. Coincidentally, he compares himself to a lottery wheel, and whether it’s because he’s adventurous or indecisive, we’ll never know. With future aspirations of going into physical therapy, he currently plays tennis and commits to the gym. On campus, you might see him with a camera taking photos for the Gamut and pursuing his passion for photography. Outside of campus, you’ll find him volunteering with his signature Tyler Smile™. Whether you’re looking for an easygoing guy to strike up a conversation with or a dude with a dog named Bella, Tyler’s got your back.
Gia Nguyen
Gia Nguyen, Assistant Art/Layout/Web Content Editor

Serving his second year, meet Gia Nguyen, the beloved assistant layout editor of The Gamut. Gia’s story with the newspaper began when he decided the structured format of OA’s art program wasn’t for him. Instead, he prefers the freedom that journalism offered him, allowing him to experiment with his art style, and incorporate art with an academic field. Outside of diligently working on Gamut’s art and layout, you can find Gia bopping to the Spider Verse movie soundtrack, tearing up to emotional movies, taking refreshing walks, and cooking and baking (he makes a mean chicken fettuccine alfredo). Despite having a patient demeanor, Gia has a few dislikes: going through the motions, math and science, and wet and mushy foods (wet spinach irks him). With a passionate personality, Gia is excited for this year in Gamut, personally aiming to have a strong work ethic and improve the quality of his Gamut drafts.

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