In the Mind of Dr. Hind


Seasoned AUHSD teacher Dr. Hind makes her debut at Oxford as an English teacher and the new advisor of the Gamut.

Haley Nguyen, Staff Writer

Among the sea of incoming faces at Oxford, the English building harbors a new resident: The Gamut’s new advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Hind! Doubling as both advisor for the newspaper and an English teacher for the freshmen and sophomores, Dr. Hind is a vetted AUHSD faculty member that Oxford happily welcomes.

Before coming to Oxford, Dr. Hind was a teacher at Lexington Junior High School for over twenty years. She credits her husband, an English teacher at Cerritos High School, for giving her the motivation to step into new territory. Inspired by the fun, energetic stories he told of his high school classes, Dr. Hind’s interest in teaching older students was piqued. In fact, she has taught every grade division from elementary to graduate-level university, high school being the last on the checklist. 

Dr. Hind’s passion for writing has roots not only in teaching but in journalism. As a past reporter and journalist in Washington, D.C. for the news network C-SPAN, she covered White House conferences, various Supreme Court cases, and National Governors’ Association meetings. Dr. Hind is familiar with all aspects of journalism; what turned her away from the career was the negativity of Beltway culture, she recalled. Her belief in the voice of the people — and students — however, anchored her to the field. Her impressive accolades and hands-on experience in journalism only cement her capability in leading the Gamut.

Alongside reinforcing the importance of ethics in the newspaper, Dr. Hind wishes to test uncharted waters by covering topics that are not as mainstream.

“I think there are a lot of things people can learn by reading about people who aren’t famous and who are just living in the world,” she said. “There’s a lot of beauty in everyday, normal lives.” 

Dr. Hind’s fascination and comfort within the mundane can be explored in her love for creating art installations and projects that represent organizational culture within education.

Dr. Hind’s interests aren’t limited to within the English building, though. A multi-faceted individual, Dr. Hind is a traveler at heart and explores the world for what it has to offer. From all 30 baseball stadiums to gorgeous national park sceneries to hardcore punk concerts, she aims see it all! She captures these moments not only in her memory but with one of her trusty cameras — Dr. Hind not only photographs as a hobby but processes her own photos from scratch in the darkroom.

Unbeknownst to the many, Dr. Hind has quite the eclectic music taste, ranging from country to punk, from Renaissance to showtunes. Dr. Hind also boasts five tattoos, including Ferdinand the Bull on the back of her shoulder.

Dr. Hind loves her classes and the vibrant community at Oxford.

“The students here are amazing, and so is the staff,” said Dr. Hind.