Junior High Tournament Preview

Theoden Melgar and Eshmom Haque

After six weeks of practice and preparation, fall junior high intramural sports will move into their tournament phase next week. Here is the full list of upcoming games, featuring girls’ volleyball, boys’ tennis and flag football, so mark your calendars and come out to support junior high athletes.


Full Schedule:

Monday, Oct. 3, Away vs. Orangeview

Wednesday, Oct. 5, Home vs. Brookhurst

Thursday, Oct. 6, Away vs. Lexington

Tuesday, Oct. 11, Home vs. Sycamore

Thursday, Oct. 13, Championship Games (TBD)


Girls Volleyball:

Q: What are your goals for the team?

A: “I have [three] goals,” said volleyball coach Michael Rylersdaam. “I want everyone who comes out to get better and [second] end up enjoying volleyball more afterwards. Third, to win. But the really big goal [is] that students will enjoy playing volleyball.”

Q: What are your predictions for this year’s team?

A:  “I don’t know,” said volleyball coach Shannon Groover. “Though, it would be great if we beat Lexington!”


Boys Tennis:

Q: What do you find exciting about coaching this year’s team?

A: “[It’s that] the kids are great,” said tennis coach Joseph Groover. “They’re enthusiastic and they’re always out here having a great time.” 

Q: What is your favorite part about playing tennis?

A: “I’ve spent time after school with my friends freely. [Tennis is] extra time [where] I get to have fun with them,” said seventh grader Kasey Ho.


Boys Flag Football:

Q: What are your predictions for the team?

A: “This is one of the most athletic and hardworking classes we’ve had in about three years at Oxford,” said flag football coach Sam Clark. “I’d say that expectations are to go undefeated and fight for the championship this year.”

Q: What do you think is fun about flag football?

A: “Having fun is all about camaraderie and teamwork,” said Flag Football Coach Alborz Zadeh. “And I think teamwork is fun in itself […]. We have fun teaching them flag football and they have fun playing flag football.”