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Junior High Tournament Preview

After six weeks of practice and preparation, fall junior high intramural sports will move into their tournament phase next week. Here is the full list of upcoming games, featuring girls’ volleyball, boys’ tennis and flag football, so mark your calendars and come out to support junior high athletes.


Full Schedule:

Monday, Oct. 3, Away vs. Orangeview

Wednesday, Oct. 5, Home vs. Brookhurst

Thursday, Oct. 6, Away vs. Lexington

Tuesday, Oct. 11, Home vs. Sycamore

Thursday, Oct. 13, Championship Games (TBD)


Girls Volleyball:

Q: What are your goals for the team?

A: “I have [three] goals,” said volleyball coach Michael Rylersdaam. “I want everyone who comes out to get better and [second] end up enjoying volleyball more afterwards. Third, to win. But the really big goal [is] that students will enjoy playing volleyball.”

Q: What are your predictions for this year’s team?

A:  “I don’t know,” said volleyball coach Shannon Groover. “Though, it would be great if we beat Lexington!”


Boys Tennis:

Q: What do you find exciting about coaching this year’s team?

A: “[It’s that] the kids are great,” said tennis coach Joseph Groover. “They’re enthusiastic and they’re always out here having a great time.” 

Q: What is your favorite part about playing tennis?

A: “I’ve spent time after school with my friends freely. [Tennis is] extra time [where] I get to have fun with them,” said seventh grader Kasey Ho.


Boys Flag Football:

Q: What are your predictions for the team?

A: “This is one of the most athletic and hardworking classes we’ve had in about three years at Oxford,” said flag football coach Sam Clark. “I’d say that expectations are to go undefeated and fight for the championship this year.”

Q: What do you think is fun about flag football?

A: “Having fun is all about camaraderie and teamwork,” said Flag Football Coach Alborz Zadeh. “And I think teamwork is fun in itself […]. We have fun teaching them flag football and they have fun playing flag football.”

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Theoden Melgar, Digital Content Editor
Although his initial reason for joining the Gamut was because his friends were applying, veteran writer Theo Melgar is now serving his fourth and final year in the Gamut as Digital Content Editor for the 2023-2024 school year. Formerly the Gamut’s illustrious Sports Editor for two years, you won’t necessarily catch Theo on his way to varsity basketball practice afterschool — instead, you might find him constructing robots in the engineering building as FTC Head of Technical for OA Robotics. When he’s not villainously editing his fellow staffers’ drafts, Theo can be found devouring fried chicken from Jollibee (don’t forget the gravy) and watching his favorite episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball. With newfound responsibility as Digital Content Editor, Theo is committed to incorporating fresh, interactive digital content such as in-website games and hopes to make improvements to the Gamut website. Yet as his time at Oxford Academy nears close to an end, Theo plans to pursue greater ventures that tie to his passions of computer science and cybersecurity, but most of all, is looking forward to graduating. 
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Eshmom Haque, Sports Editor
Outspoken writer and Gamut sports editor Eshmom Hacque is ready for his final year on the Gamut’s staff! As an experienced member of track, he is all about fitness, physical activity, and health. Inspiring stories of human physicality, achievement, and leadership are what Eshmom wants to share with the world. He is also involved in political and ethical discussions, unabashedly bestowing his hot takes on current events and critical issues in local and international government. When away from the intensity of athletics and debate, he enjoys listening to his favorite genres of music, K-Pop, R’n’B, and rap, or watching shows like Arrested Development, Suits, and Business Proposal. He is always up for new experiences– especially hair ones, since he’s gone through a perm, side part, middle part, and mullet within his time at the Gamut. Though he was halted by a sports injury for some time, Eshmom is back and ready for action, both on the field and as a sports editor this year!
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Junior High Tournament Preview