Unmasking underrated Halloween costumes

Lavanya Shyamsundar, Staff Writer

Just like you procrastinate on homework, it’s likely you’ve been procrastinating on choosing a Halloween costume. Don’t just bring out boring witch hats or cat ears from the depths of your closet, though — spice things up this year by trying some of these underrated and unique alternatives, with materials you might already have in your closet!



Bring a sense of love to the spooky season! Dress up as Cupid in lieu of the overused angel get-up. To pull off this look, dress up in all red or pink with splashes of white. Try on flowy blouses, feather boas, ruby jewelry, heart headbands, and red ribbons in your hair. If you wear makeup, you can elevate your costume by creating hearts out of red eyeshadow. Accessorize with a bow and arrow, wings, halo headbands, or heart accessories to accentuate the Cupid look. 



A fall essential, you can find scarecrows in fields and pumpkin patches, but rarely walking on the streets. All you need to create this costume is a fall-colored plaid shirt (orange, yellow, or brown), jeans or overalls, and a fun hat to top it off.

If you already have an over-worn witch’s costume at home, repurpose the witch’s hat into a scarecrow’s. Otherwise, try a black bucket hat or straw hat for a more accessible alternative. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, make a flower crown out of sunflowers.


Sanrio Characters

Bring your favorite Sanrio characters to life by dressing up as them this year! If you want to be My Melody, wear a poofy white shirt, skirt, or dress, and layer with a pink vest or sweater. Top it off with bunny ears, a pink beret, or earmuffs. To match her sweet, warm personality, accessorize with fuzzy items like white arm and leg warmers. 

If pastels aren’t your thing, you can be Kuromi instead! Thrown on an all-black outfit with some pink accents. Oversized black sweatshirts, corsets, or chunky platform boots paired with striped arm warmers, plaid skirts, a headband with Kuromi’s signature ears, and silver jewelry or skull accessories are just a few ways to bring Kuromi to life.


Lightning McQueen

You’ve heard about people dressing up as Disney princesses, but what about the other beloved characters from the brand? Mix it up this year by being Lightning McQueen from “Cars. Sport an all-red or red-and-black outfit, accessorizing with a red cap, racer jacket, and black and white checkers to emulate a racing flag. Add leather boots and jackets along with other leather accents, and your Lightning Mcqueen costume is complete! 

Even if you haven’t decided on a costume yet, or are having trouble coming up with inspiration for one, it’s not too late. Don’t just defect to the overused witches, Hogwarts students, and State Farm employees. Instead, use this guide to show off your own creativity, personal style, and Halloween spirit on the 31st!