OA dress code: Last thoughts from students

Nandita Bussa and Mikaela Woo

The Gamut’s September issue included an article about the dress code forum and new changes made to the regulations. Along with the recap article, a form was sent out to gather student’s opinions and questions for admin to address. 


Most commonly, students wondered why there was a stigma against jeans. 


To this, Principal Amber Houston said, “It’s been a policy from the very beginning and opening of Oxford Academy. Under the direction of some founding people to keep it more in terms of a preparatory academy […] they decided that jeans will not be permitted because we want more professional-looking uniforms for this school.” 


Students also wondered why gray as an outerwear color was allowed, whereas black was not.


Houston explained that rather than having black implemented as a color for students to wear, gray was chosen since it better fit the overall color palette of Oxford. She also elaborated that the inclusion of this color was due to a need for a fourth color, aside from navy blue, red, and white, to accommodate the four different grade levels during spirit days.  


She said, “So gray was added as an additional class color because it was more matchy-matchy with the [red, white, and blue] rather than introducing a brand new bold color like black…”


A primary concern voiced by students was how much OA families were spending after the ban on black jackets. Data gathered from 19 student responses reflected how OA families now commonly spend over $100 on student clothing in one school year.


Responses also revealed that students are facing issues finding clothes compliant with the dress code. 


One patriot said, “I have lots of unused jackets because of the no logo and design rule. I know for a lot of people, they can’t afford to buy new clothes just to fit the school rules.


Students, overall, disagreed with the reinstated rules, with the majority expressing similar conclusions about the dress code being unrealistic and speaking out about how it doesn’t accommodate family budgets.  


An anonymous student said, “It is expensive — I had to get new sweaters for this school year and it’s supposed to make things easier on our parents but it really doesn’t…”


Whether the dress code is something OA students support or oppose, the Gamut believes that all student voices should be heard. Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey!