Talents from singers to slime connoisseurs


Claire Jung

People’s Pick: Senior Kristela Avendano delivers a stunningly heartwarming performance of Rusty Clanton’s “Novels.” (Photo by Claire Jung)

Haley Nguyen & Rachel Yoon , Staff Writers

Oxford’s annual talent show made its grand return on Oct. 21, featuring a spirited lineup of traditional acts like singing, instrument playing, and dancing, along with more abstract performances. 

Talent show winners were separated into two categories: audience’s choice and judges’ choice. The audience’s choice was determined by the amount of money donated to a specific act during the final intermission, whereas the three judges’ choice winners were chosen by a panel of high school ASB members. 

Seniors Natalie Prim and Grace Liu placed third for the judge’s choice. The duo concocted a slime creation while singing and dancing in huge, puffy animal blow-up suits. Prim performed a silly self-written song while making slime on stage, accompanied by Liu’s bright ukulele playing and soft harmonies. 

Oxford’s South Asian cultural club, AASHA, was the second judge’s choice winner, represented by their dance team. Performing a self-choreographed mix of Bollywood fusion songs, including the popular “Gallan Goodiyan,” in colorful sharara dresses, AASHA provided an excellent showcase of South Asian music through captivating formation changes, lively moves, and group synchronization.

Seventh-grader Cassandra Lauretta took home the grand prize as the judges’ choice first-place winner with her operatic rendition of the Italian song “Con Te Partirò,” originally performed by Andrea Bocelli. Her solo occurred after the first intermission of the show, welcoming the crowd back from the ten-minute break with agile vocal runs and a stunningly emotional falsetto.

The sole audience’s choice winner, Kristela Avendano, opened the talent show with an acoustic performance of Rusty Clanton’s “Novels.” Her performance, boasting impressive vocals backed by the warmth of her guitar, stole the hearts of the audience and earned her place as people’s pick. 

The passion and talent within Oxford’s populace made for another entertaining show that certainly rocked the crowd. 

“Not everything about the [show] was perfect, but everything came together nonetheless and I’m grateful that it happened the way it did,” said Avendano.