Gold to return to Oxford for 2023-2024

Christian Festin, News Editor

Golf makes its long-awaited return to OA in the 2023-2024 school year during the spring season. The sport’s comeback, five years in the making, was met with celebration from the sports department and student body alike.

Initially, golf was implemented at Oxford during the 2001-2002 school year, as part of the school’s second wave of sports. During its twelve-year-run, OA’s golf team was fiercely competitive, consistently placing second or third in the league. Unfortunately, dwindling player numbers and the expensive costs of the program spelled the end of golf about 6 years ago. 

After golf was phased out, there was a resurgence in student interest for the sport. The growing number of students wanting to participate in golf prompted the sports department to push for the re-establishment of the program. 

“Many students wanted golf back at OA, and we wanted to fulfill their wishes,” said Mr. Clifton, OA’s athletics director. “Although we initially faced some challenges, like finding a local course for our teams to play on, we prevailed and reclaimed the sport.”

Although golf’s return is still far ahead, the sports department has been busy at work, organizing tentative logistics for the program. Currently, they plan for golf to have a total of two high school teams, consisting of a boys and girls varsity team. Each team is projected to have a total of ten players, with six players in during matches and four alternates at the ready.  

Additionally, the golf teams are arranged to practice at the local Navy Course, found in Los Alamitos, CA. The course will not only serve as training grounds for the teams, but OA’s site for their home game matches. These program details are subject to change, and the sports department aims to finalize them closer to golf’s arrival at OA. 

With the addition of golf, OA students now have an even broader lineup of sports to play and enjoy. For those with questions regarding the program, please contact Mr. Clifton at [email protected].