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Wonka: The Emergence of Chalamet’s Inner Chocolatier

Vanessa Marin-Ixlan

Taking their own spin on Roald Dahl’s classroom favorite “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” director Paul King and star Timothée Chalamet promise for their production of “Wonka” to be innovative, brilliant, and absolutely nutty. Releasing Dec. 15th, the film follows the titular character throughout his journey in creating the world’s greatest chocolate factory.

Described as “a celebration of being off-center and of being OK with the weirder parts of you that don’t quite fit in,” by King, the film aims to develop a tragic backstory for the peculiar Willy Wonka, and to inspire the audience to reach for their own dreams. Even though King has mentioned that this movie serves as a prequel to “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” (1971), starring Gene Wilder, the movie seems to diverge from its predecessor’s slightly chilling rendition with a more heartfelt, coming-of-age spirit. 

“To work on something that will have an uncynical young audience, that was just a big joy,” King told Vogue. “In a time and climate of intense political rhetoric, when there’s so much bad news all the time, this is hopefully going to be a piece of chocolate.”

The movie follows Willy Wonka through his early days as an eccentric chocolatier and his rise to fame, as teased in the film’s two released trailers. The backgrounds seen in the trailer, mixing both steampunk and whimsical elements, brim with brass knob-studded wooden briefcases, dramatic lighting, and staple clothing items like the iconic maroon coat, fall in with the typical “Willy Wonka” characters as previously represented by Johnny Depp (in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”) and Wilder. The contrast between Wonka’s bizarre wardrobe choices and the sepia tones of the rest of the movie emphasize Wonka’s quirks and foreshadow the revolution he brings forth of chocolate making. 

The casting of Chalamet to play Willy Wonka garnered a mass of controversy and skepticism about his performance, as many critics questioned if he was miscast for the role. However, despite the multitude of scathing comments deeming him unworthy, it is clear Chalamet thrives in embodying characters with high levels of emotion that “Wonka” entails, as seen in Chalamet’s roles in “Lady Bird” and “Call Me By Your Name.” With the new direction that King is taking in this prequel, Chalamet seems to be a perfect fit as he engages the audience by portraying multiple shades of human emotions. One thing that remains a mystery is whether the actor will be able to successfully pull off the eccentricity of Willy Wonka, as he is not traditionally known for exaggerated expressions in his portrayals.

With this new take on a classic story, “Wonka” aims to re-establish itself from it’s predecessors by casting a new, wholesome light on a historically eerie character. With its divergence from the original plot and full creative freedom, the film promises to be a refreshing watch for all audiences. 

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