Requiem: Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy (and Fun!)

Michelle Choy, Assistant News Editor

Bringing the typical cafe experience to a new level, Requiem: Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy in Anaheim (@requiemcoffee) establishes an ethereal environment through fantasy-themed decor, magical lighting, and an assortment of entertainment. Perfect for fantasy lovers or cafe-goers looking for a unique, enjoyable experience, Requiem’s enchanting nature offers a refreshing break from hectic school life.


Entering the cafe, hanging flowers and floating lanterns frame the picturesque interior. Soft, colorful lighting illuminates twisted trees, draping vines, and alluring wallpaper. The immersive art cafe brings fantasy themes into reality, creating a world of escapism. A comfy library area surrounded by stone brick walls mimics an ancient castle, while the throne room has intricate glowing stained glass and elaborate medieval decor. In addition, a pleasant steampunk coffee bar and sleek sci-fi gaming area further immerse visitors in their imagination.


From tabletop game enjoyers to book lovers, Requiem embraces anyone looking for a comfortable place to unwind or meet others with similar passions. Gamers and D&D fans can enjoy the many TVs, consoles, and tabletop games, while artists can thoroughly appreciate inspiration from the bewitching environment. The cafe is a welcome experience for both introverts and extroverts with its unique use of communication cones, double-sided objects which signal to others whether you prefer solitude or company. 


After taking in the scenery, refresh with sandwiches, bubble waffles, coffee, or drinks from Requiem’s menu. Try the sweet Matcha Blossom bubble waffle, which pairs perfectly with a savory grilled cheese sandwich! Offering a sense of comfort and warmth, the Bonfire latte and Pumpkin Nut latte are toasty treats with charming touches of autumn.


To celebrate the hit game “Undertale’s” seventh anniversary, Requiem is teaming up with video game merchandise company Fangamer (@fangamernet) to host an “Undertale” event with exclusive food, drinks, and decorations. From Sept. 15 to Oct. 10, there will be a photo shoot room and a shop with game merchandise. Visitors and “Undertale” fans will love trying iconic in-game food like Sea Tea, Spider Donuts, and Cinnamon Butterscotch Pie.


Although Requiem cafe’s food is definitely on the pricier side at $12 per grilled cheese, the mystical ambiance is an unforgettable experience, making it worth it. Requiem blurs the line between fantasy and reality, offering a magical escape and well-deserved break for students bored of the mundanity of school. The “Undertale” event is ending soon on Oct. 10, so be sure to check out this fantastical cafe for delicious food and a relaxing time!


Requiem: Coffee, Tea, and Fantasy is located at 280 S Clementine St, Anaheim, CA 92805