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Behind the Scenes of OATV

Marius Eric Haya Sobremisama II
On Air: After two weeks of planning and preparation, seniors Megan Bao and Andrew F. Pintor prepare to broadcast an episode.

Oxford Academy’s very own broadcasting team, OATV, unites clusters across the school every Tuesday and Thursday with live broadcasts from their YouTube channel. After the departure of the class of 2022, an entirely new crew is introduced to the screen, excited for the opportunities and challenges of this upcoming year.


“[We’re supportive of each other], so we aren’t really afraid of trying new things,” senior crew member Marius Eric Haya Sobremisana II said. “We can all learn about these things together. We can all venture into the unknown as a group.”


Not only does it keep the student body up to date with global news, OATV connects students with its sportscasts, publicity for school events, and amusing segments (such as the new and exciting “Hot Takes With Thien”).


“Since […] everybody has to watch [OATV], it unites the school together and so to be a part of that union, a part of something that everyone can relate to and watch and laugh at, is really great,” junior crew member Adeline Vo said.


Last year’s staff introduced a wide range of entertaining coverage, including “Talk Time with Tyler Mitchell,” “Love it or Lock It,” and “Chill with Jill,” rising above expectations for a high school broadcast and surprising viewers with hilarious concepts. With lively, experimental ideas, broadcasting serves as a creative outlet for the crew to take on new challenges and get involved with the student body. 


“Seeing all these people in this class [and] reading Humans of Oxford […] inspired me to try a lot of things because […] I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone. OATV gave me [that] chance,” Sobremisana II said. 


With many members interested in content creation and video broadcasting before joining, OATV provided them with the means to pursue their passions, turning their visions into a reality.


“I’ve always been making videos since I was in fifth grade,” said senior Matthew Patten, one of OATV’s group leaders. “And now, I get to expand my ideas and collaborate with other group members, so we can have a bigger production than what I did in fifth grade.”


There’s no doubt that OATV has plenty in store for the new school year, and who knows what ingenious directions they’ll explore, so be sure to keep an eye out for new content.


“I love listening to [the crew] come up with their ideas and working through the struggles of how to use the broadcast system […],” said OATV advisor Mrs. Fong. “I’m looking forward to seeing the growth at the end of the year, watching them grow and mature.”


OATV airs during cluster on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check out their YouTube channel.

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Your donation will support the student journalists of Oxford Academy. Your contribution will allow us to cover our annual operational costs and website hosting. Thank you for your support!

About the Contributors
Trisha Phan
Trisha Phan, Editor in Chief
Trisha Phan, a senior at Oxford, is this year's Editor in Chief of The Gamut. A staff member since freshman year, she served as the Lifestyle Editor for the 22-23 school year (her personal favorite section, as a lover of fun diction and features). Trisha is also the Co-President of the new Law and Politics Club and the Co-President of Cartooning Club (and advises all who love drawing to join). During her free time, she enjoys crocheting stuffed animals and reading. A Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift enthusiast, her favorite albums are NFR and Reputation. Since becoming part of the Gamut in her freshman year, Trisha has fallen in love with journalism, and is looking forward to trying new things this school year.
Zoharys Jaen
Zoharys Jaen, Lifestyle Editor

Dedicated, hardworking, aggressively extroverted, and perhaps optimistic to a detriment, Zoharys Jaen is in her Senior year at Oxford and has been a member of Gamut staff since the 9th grade. First joining due to encouragement from her English teacher Ms. Galvan,  along with being interested in a chance for her work to be published and printed, she now serves as Gamuts Lifestyle editor. Though looking to constantly keep herself busy, she still finds free time to indulge in reading and watching romantic comedies which include the number 10 in their title, such as “10 Things I Hate About You” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Zoharys both plays and listens to music, her mastered instruments including both the piano to ukulele, and music taste ranging from Classical to K-pop. Her other assorted hobbies and interests include but are not limited to knitting, baking and reading poetry.

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Behind the Scenes of OATV