Untraditional Twists for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Justin Le and Michelle Choy

Thanksgiving brings to mind delicious dishes like creamy mashed potatoes, warm turkey, and sweet pumpkin pie, which — despite being a tradition — become repetitive and lose their charm year after year. This fall, spice up your Thanksgiving dinner with these mouthwatering and unconventional recipes.


Buttermilk-Battered Pan-Fried Fish Filets (from purewow.com) 

While it may not be the standard turkey fresh out of the oven, these buttermilk-battered pan-fried fish filets will make you wish you found them sooner. Leaner and lighter than turkey, the savory fish is a healthier but just as flavourful alternative to other meat dishes. The buttermilk uplifts the filet’s silky texture with a hint of a sweetness, masking the overwhelmingly fishy flavor of catfish. The crispiness of the skin perfectly complements the soft, tender fish, while the tartar sauce and lemon elevate the dish by adding a tangy aftertaste. Unlike turkey, which can be daunting and expensive to make, preparing these is much simpler and tastier! 


Sweet Potato Sugar Cookies With Marshmallow (from purewow.com) 

Try a twist on the typical sugar cookies you’d expect from any grocery store. These sweet potato sugar cookies provide a decadent fluffy treat that can be made in 30 minutes. The unique addition of the sweet potato provides a perfect amount of richness to the cookies, adding an unexpected starchiness, which compliments the cakey texture and sweet and delightful taste. Topped with marshmallow, the untraditional ingredients culminate into one delicious dessert. Try it with some fudge for a more smore-like taste. With its richness, it’s best to enjoy the cookies separate from your dinner, as they pair as an excellent extra snack!


Dark Chocolate Truffles (from minimalisticbaker.com) 

If you don’t have the time or ingredients to bake a pie, these two-ingredient truffles are an ideal quick and versatile dessert. Chocolate lovers will enjoy these densely packed balls of rich chocolate that simply melt in your mouth. Combining bittersweet dark chocolate and creamy coconut milk, the result is a rich, delectable delight with a soft, smooth texture. With only a few steps and no oven required, these indulgent chocolate bites are simple but sophisticated, working as a fulfilling Thanksgiving snack or a sweet gift for your guests. 


Whether it’s an elaborate family dinner or a casual Friendsgiving gathering, use these recipes as exciting and tasty additions to your Thanksgiving plans. Even though you may not have seen them at a Thanksgiving table before, once you try these delicious meals, they’ll soon become staples in your recipe book!