“Percy Jackson” takes the stage under OA’s Spotlight


Michelle Choy & Trisha Phan , Assistant News Editor & Lifestyle Editor

Taking the stage on April 14, Oxford’s theater club, OA Spotlight, will be putting on their first-ever musical production at Western High School. Led by their two co-presidents, senior Jade Orr and junior Megan Lloren, Spotlight will showcase the childhood favorite, “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical.”

From planning to costuming to set design, Spotlight has been hard at work since last summer to make this production one to remember. This is no small feat — especially being a fairly small club taking on such a large project.

“We have had a lot of setbacks in the past. What sets ‘Percy Jackson’ apart is this board,” Orr said. “I would not alone have been able to put on half of the things I have without Megan Lloren, or Lexie Cunanan, or Ren Nguyen. All of them have put so much work and effort into it.”

With the combined effort of directors, performance consultants, actors, and tech crew, Spotlight has transformed a storyboard of ideas into a full-fledged performance. Details from “Percy Jackson’s” mythical world will be carefully recreated from materials like cardboard and paint, including Camp Half-Blood’s campfire and a toilet Percy shoots water out of.

Published in 2005, the original Percy Jackson series has proved a time-withstanding staple of childhood. Although many readers were let down by the subsequent live-action movies, the musical faithfully adapts beloved scenes and iconic moments, to audiences’ delight. With clear dedication to its source material and unparalleled attention to detail, the musical is an earnest tribute that Percy Jackson fans will not want to miss.

But beyond a nostalgic, feel-good production, the show means much more to Spotlight and its members.

“We’ve done smaller performances [before,] but this is the first time we’re getting to do our own thing. And [for us seniors] we’ve put so many years into this [club] and to finally be able to do this project means a lot,” Orr said. “It makes me really happy [to] know the club’s going to be fine without me. If we can do this in my last year, then I know that I’m leaving it in great hands.”

Off-stage, Culinary Club will be selling a variety of blue foods — a charming homage to the franchise — so be sure to support both clubs by buying a ticket ($5 per student and $7 per adult)  and sampling the delightful confectionaries!

Look forward to an exciting evening filled with outstanding musical numbers and stellar performances as Spotlight brings the beloved “Percy Jackson” series to life! From their dedicated crew to their talented cast, they are sure to amaze audiences with a fun reminiscence of the thrilling story.