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“The Eras Tour” film cements Swift’s legacy

The cultural phenomenon initiates a new era for Hollywood, Taylor Swift as she explores music on the big screen
Gia Nguyen

During “The Eras Tour” U.S. run from March through August, its massive success propelled local economies and Swift’s stardom, leading to the creation of a concert film. Recreating its energy and spirit, the “Eras” movie recorded three of the tour’s nights in LA, allowing fans worldwide their first “Eras” experience to experience Swift in all her glory at an affordable price. 

Mimicking the actual tour, fans dressed creatively to represent all of Swift’s eras and traded homemade friendship bracelets in the theaters. Swift’s devoted fan base showed up in droves — swarming theaters and crashing AMC websites for tickets. Grossing $92.8 million for its domestic opening, the community aspect that made the tour so one-of-a-kind is still heavily present despite the physical absence of Swift. 

On the big screen, Swift’s aura can be felt through immersive camera angles that pan around the singer as she addresses crowds, creating a firsthand viewing experience. By combining the best of three nights, the film glimpses intimate details of the tour: from her backup dancers and band to the stadium lighting up from afar. Fans who saw “The Eras Tour” live could reminisce and enhance their experience through the film’s close up cinematography. Performances like “Tolerate It” were shown from Swift’s perspective rather than the audience’s, mesmerizing fans and offering them a new lens.

Taylor Swift cements her performing prowess in motion picture, proving her versatility across the entire entertainment industry.

However, despite being a phenomenal — and essential — aspect to the tour, its tour stadium visuals were cut short on the big screen. The film mainly revolved around close-up shots of Swift and ecstatic crowds, robbing fans of the visuals that tell additional stories with the songs. For screening lengths, five songs were cut from the film, including the nostalgic fan favorite “Long Live.”An ode to her fans and bandmates as she first gained fame, the ballad has become a staple over the years and a sentimental highlight on a tour echoing its sentiment. Despite initial disappointment as the “Speak Now” portion was cut short, fans could still hear it in the ending credits, dedicated to them.

Released at the height of the SAG-AFTRA strikes as theaters suffered extreme net losses, Swift’s loyal fanbase unexpectedly saved the film box office. While many major releases were postponed, the “Eras” movie was permitted by SAG-AFTRA’s union due to meeting its conditions of production. Its strong sales pulled the film industry from one of its lowest points, supporting CNBC predictions on what the cinema industry needed after an inconsistent first half of the year. Although the concert film was pushed to release as quickly as possible, Swift’s influence on the industry and fans is clear. With just over two months between filming and release, the film shows her unparalleled influence, dominating across fields and opening doors into cinema.

“The Eras Tour” movie allowed fans to take one last gaze into the world of the tour, immortalizing the night into a film for fans to relive. Taylor Swift cements her performing prowess in motion picture, proving her versatility across the entire entertainment industry. The film and tour stand as significant points of her career and pop culture in Hollywood’s ever changing environment. As it paves the way for future concert films, it presents a new era for recorded concerts and for the film industry to strengthen sales.

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