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Unpacking 2024 fashion trend predictions

Danny Banuelos Chavez

Refined messiness best defines 2024, bringing sleazy twists to existing trends. From cheetah print to corporate clothes, here are some trends likely to fill store clothing racks and your social media feeds. Navigate these and find your own style! 



After the summer of 2023, fully embracing girlhood, bows, ruffles, and ribbons have reached full swing as people are ready to fully embrace girlhood in all of its pink, sparkly glory. On runways, rose prints bloomed everywhere. For instance, in her Spring/Summer 2024 Ready-to-Wear collection, designer Sandy Liang prominently featured lovely pastel pinks with rosettes on shift dresses and flowing blouses. Bows have blossomed on pretty much any object TikTokers can tie them onto. Some trend forecasters fear this oversaturation could quickly drive bows away. Regardless, babydoll tops, A-line dresses, and reds are here to stay. For the bow-lovers out there, keep wearing them proudly. 


Lazy Luxury and Practicality 

Quiet luxury had a loud moment in 2023. Expect this crisp, minimalist trend to turn casual. Elevated basics like timeless turtlenecks and inoffensive beiges are taking an edgy, corporate twist. With tasteful cutouts and streamlined silhouettes, subversive business casual styles reminiscent of 2000’s movie receptionists (a la “The Devil Wears Prada”) are focused on making statements rather than whispering wealth. In the name of functionality, extra large bags are definitely going to become a staple. Across designer collections, super short shorts are having their moment across designer collections — a relatively more practical alternative to the ultra mini skirts on the runway post-pandemic..


Sleaze Academia

In a similar vein as quiet luxury, expect a mix of preppy and grunge with what Depop coined “sleaze academia” in its first-ever trend prediction report. Preppy styles appear to be sticking around, with Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2024 unconventionally pairing blazers and polos with short shorts and even shorter skirts. This trend features classic cardigans and button up shirts layered with micro mini skirts, leather jackets, pins, and distressed fabric. Instead of Ralph Lauren-esque silhouettes and loafers, think grunge with chunky Doc Martens.


Animal Print

Gone are the days of the “clean girl” minimalist aesthetic. Some say 2014 is returning to 2024, and so is the era of grunge, Tumblr-inspired looks. So, anticipate an explosion of furs and animal print. Vogue predicts leopard print in particular to have a major moment this year. Replace slicked-back buns with messy updos; forget about the “no-makeup” look and embrace a smokey eye instead. 2024 is the perfect year to embrace your messy side.  


Trends certainly aren’t everything; personal style exists independently of what influencers and celebrities are wearing. Regardless, paying attention to trends can be a great way to understand your own fashion preferences. 2024’s fashion heavily leans towards a touch of tasteful messiness, so embrace fearlessly exploring your own fashion.

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About the Contributors
Trisha Phan
Trisha Phan, Editor in Chief
Trisha Phan, a senior at Oxford, is this year's Editor in Chief of The Gamut. A staff member since freshman year, she served as the Lifestyle Editor for the 22-23 school year (her personal favorite section, as a lover of fun diction and features). Trisha is also the Co-President of the new Law and Politics Club and the Co-President of Cartooning Club (and advises all who love drawing to join). During her free time, she enjoys crocheting stuffed animals and reading. A Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift enthusiast, her favorite albums are NFR and Reputation. Since becoming part of the Gamut in her freshman year, Trisha has fallen in love with journalism, and is looking forward to trying new things this school year.
Danny Banuelos Chavez
Danny Banuelos Chavez, Staff Artist
Danny Banuelos Chavez, a current sophomore at Oxford Academy, is entering their first year at the Gamut as a photographer and illustrator. As a person who has always been keenly observant of others, they took an interest in photography and taking action shots of others. Chavez is an obsessive enjoyer of “Garfield” and is easily able to recant their days of scribbling the lasagna-loving cat in their notebook. They describe themself as wacky because they love to change things up all the time, such as their room and wallpaper. Chavez also indulges in thought-provoking and most esteemed comedies such as “Parks and Recreation” and “Arrested Development”. They partake in all forms of music ranging from metal to country, some of their favorite bands being Mitski, Hozier, and the Cure. Aside from their cultured interests, they consider their culinary taste to be a “bit basic”, since their favorite foods are avocado toast and wings. Chavez looks forward to putting their photography skills to work this upcoming year.
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