Courtney Flynn Behind the Scenes


Prepping for Practice: Flynn happily wraps up Senior Alma Manzano’s ankle before soccer practice.

Zoharys Jaen, Staff Writer

Oxford’s athletic trainer, Courtney Flynn has been helping student-athletes for ten years. Responsible for prepping rehab workouts, she loves working with high school students and cherishes the memories she makes with them. 

Having played soccer her entire childhood, alongside experience in track and golf during high school, Flynn took that passion of athleticism into her career. After losing interest in veterinary surgery due to the additional required years of study, she moved on to athletic training, shadowing her Sports Medicine teacher and interning at Division 1 school Lakewood High School.

“There were about five different [medical career] options you can do and I saw that athletic training had the least amount of physics and the least amount of chemistry that I had to do,” Flynn said. “It was still medical stuff but to do with sports, so I thought it was kinda cool. I tried it out, took the class, and found that it was what I wanted to do.”

Working at Oxford since 2013, Flynn first started off only working part-time, later stepping into the full-time responsibility. Though she has both played and worked in D1 schools, Flynn is grateful for her job at Oxford and really enjoys her time with the students.

“It was funny because the kids [at Oxford] would just joke around, ‘Wait till you see how we play, we just trip over air,’” Flynn said. “This was what the kids would say and it was just really funny. This was not the level I was used to seeing.”

From laughing at self-inflicted concussions in tennis to soccer serenades of Taylor Swift, Flynn continues to create memorable experiences with her athletes. The amusing times with high school students never seem to disappoint and continue to entertain her.

“I enjoy the kids; that’s always going to be fun,” Flynn said. “And making fun of you guys all the time. Getting to know you guys. Especially when you guys come back and visit from college, that’s always my favorite part.”

The students enjoy spending time with Flynn as they work with her through their athletic careers. Appreciating all her hard work and creating friendships with her only adds to the rehab process as athletes work back into shape.

“She’s really approachable,” junior Diana Nguyen said. “You’re not afraid to go up and talk to her which makes things really easy for the rehab process.”

For all her amazing work, Oxford’s athletes remain grateful for the amazing job Flynn accomplishes as she helps students recover from their injuries and pushes them back on the court.