Rekindle your love of reading with Gamut’s book picks


Reading Recommendations: Short and enthralling books perfect for finding that passion in reading.

Trisha Phan and Justin Le

For many, reading used to be a joy that has since faded — or for some, it was never there in the first place. To spark your love for reading, the Gamut has handpicked captivating reads that will keep you interested until the very last page.


“Six of Crows”

465 pages

Leigh Bardugo’s fantasy novel “Six of Crows” follows an action-packed heist pulled off by six spunky characters. With its endearing character dynamics, immersive world-building, and clever plot twists, “Six of Crows” keeps its readers hooked with its magical world and ensemble cast reminiscent of childhood classics like “Percy Jackson” and “Harry Potter” perfect for some escapism.


“House of Hollow”

304 pages

A magical realism novel, “House of Hollow” by Krystal Sutherland is an addicting read. At the age of seven, the three Hollow sisters disappeared for a month with no recollection of their disappearance. After the eldest disappears a decade later, the other two sisters embark on a hauntingly atmospheric and grotesquely beautiful journey. As the mystery is uncovered, the Hollow sisters’ strange, eerie world pulls you in deeper and deeper.


“Crying in H Mart”

242 pages

In this poignant memoir, Michelle Zauner delicately details her identity growing up Korean American and her complicated relationship with her mother, exploring the pressures of discovering identity while being a child of an immigrant facing familial pressures. Evocative descriptions connect food and culture, likely resonating with many students’ own ties to their heritage.


“And Then There Were None”

252 pages

One of Agatha Christie’s most renowned novels, “And Then There Were None,” follows a peculiar assortment of ten strangers invited to a private island. Isolated from the outside world, they begin to die one by one. Christie weaves a suspenseful atmosphere, masterfully unveiling each character’s history. Full of surprises and twists, the book leaves the reader guessing, preparing to unmask the killer at every page turn.



308 pages

A treat to read, Courtney Summers’s thriller “Sadie” alternates chapters between Sadie’s first person perspective and from the transcript of a true crime podcast detailing an outsider’s perspective of Sadie’s experiences a year later. With more than 30 voice actors elevating Sadie’s compelling story of revenge, its audiobook is perfect for the busy reader.


If none of these books captivate you, reach back into your past for a familiar story to help build excitement for future reads. Try it for nostalgia and see what happens — reading doesn’t have to be a chore!